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  1. LA Dons of the All-American Football Conference:
  2. Dayton Triangles was a good choice. How about the old LA Dons of the AAFC:
  3. The Houston Oilers were better in silver and Wyoming is better in white. Texas is better in white as well.
  4. Count me as another oldster. I was a WFL Houston Texans fan. Saw at least two games in the Astrodome. I even saw a San Antonio Wings game at Alamo Stadium. Somewhere in a box of stuff I have an audio recording of the radio broadcast of the Texans' first regular season game on cassette. They lost to the Chicago Fire.
  5. What a great update! It's still a tree and a block S though.
  6. Damn, those are great. I put the originals on the old vintage college logos thread.
  7. They may get a better logo on the helmet but I think that is something a team back in that day would do. In 1961? You had the Oilers' derrick, the Chargers bolts, the Eagles wings, The St. Louis cardinal the Ram's horn, the Viking's horn, The Redskin's feather. I think you could have something more than a B as well.
  8. Great updates for the best thread on the site. I appreciate the work done and I'd love to see more.