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I had a fantasy baseball team in my fantasy leagues called the Quebec City Gulls, which was relocated recently to Portland, Maine. Now I am at a point where I have no place to put them, being that my league is so small, and there have been better-naming teams/concepts that I have created, so I can no longer use this team. So I have decided to put this team up for sale.

I created the primary logo in 2001, and emulated the wordmark from the old Giants' wordmark. I created the bird head last winter.

I prefer that the Gulls' name would live on for generations to come in a city that would embrace them, and an owner that would carry on its legacy. The uniforms are traditional white with black pinstripes, and grey with black & white piping. Very simple.

My asking price for this concept is another concept, featuring just a logo, wordmark (Home and road) and a cap logo. NO MONEY PLEASE!!!!!!! WE'RE ALL IN THE CONCEPT BUSINESS HELPING EACH OTHER.

You can PM me with your offer, and the concept I am looking for will be discussed upon reply.

I will put the winning bid's city on the primary logo.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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