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  1. Anybody know this type of font?
  2. I like Montreal Dragons. That's a cool name for a baseball team. But I'm 100% certain they'll stick with the Expos' moniker.
  3. This is why you should never do drugs, people.
  4. I believe this is the final draft of the logo. I wanted the white to stand out more here.
  5. With this refurbished logo needs a special font that really goes with it. This team will be called, obviously either the "Knights", or "Black Knights". I did a lot of soul-searching for the right font, (To be honest, I was looking for the L.A. Kings script font, but can't find it anywhere.) and I have selected 5 candidates. What do you all think?
  6. I also made a "what if" redesign. Bringing the grey shades out towards the edge.
  7. Hey guys, I haven't posted in a while. I'm currently re-doing a Knights' logo, from the Stallions' logo from the movie "The Replacements". This, of course, is the actual helmet with the horse logo from the movie. Now, I took that logo, and altered it to look like this: This has not been cleaned up yet, for this is a rough draft, mind you. Thoughts?
  8. Never mind, I found it. It's LHF Full Block.
  9. Anybody know what this font is?
  10. I was looking at some horse logos online, for inspiration, and I came up with this logo for a reboot Birmingham Stallions team.
  11. I was shocked to see Conrad's website seized. I'm curious to know what finally tipped off the lawyers. Having said that, this is a travesty among many aspiring artists.
  12. Can anyone tell me the name of this font?
  13. Let's see what you've done with the Alouettes.
  14. The 2014 World Series font. What is it?
  15. What is the font used by the NIU Huskies to make the words "The Yard"?
  16. You can't seriously be expecting us to look at the jersey there. Honestly I made a conscious effort to JUST look at the jersey. Luckily that logo draws your eyes right to the chest. On a serious note though, can't wait to see the actual Gulls logo and possibly jersey on Sunday. It would be amazing to see these on the ice, but the San Diego team is the Ducks' affiliate, so those colours won't be used...or will they? And it's OK. I do it all the time.