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Logo designing contest


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I have seen a lot of cool logo work done on this site.  This is going to be a logo contest to determine the best logo designer out of us.  Here are the rules:

1)First, you must design a primary and alternate logo for the fantasy Houston Wildcatters football team.  THis name is from oil well drillers, and was considered for the HOuston Texans.

2)Next, you must design a fresh new concept for the worst pro sports logo, the LA clippers.  Include a prim. and alt. logo.

3) Finally, you must design a set of logos for the Charlotte Bobcats.  Lets get rid of that orange gerbil.

Each logo set can only have one variation. ONe primary and one alternate.  the winner of the contest will be announced on January 20.  Logos will be judged on relevance to team nickname, originality, color scheme, clarity, and professional appearance.  lets see your best stuff!


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