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Pink Hockey Stick


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Did anyone catch the hockey games about three "+" weeks ago the players either warmed up or used Pink STICKS per Breast Cancer Awareness Week (or Month) in February. (dang KC, your just now getting around to this)

Here's one picture -


Check out the story on ESPN

Pink Sticks for Cancer Awareness

Mar. 09, 2007

Provided by: Canadian Press

WALLACEBURG, Ont. (CP) - Some NHL players will be using pink sticks again this month as part of an effort to draw attention to and raise money for breast cancer research.

After the sticks are used, they will be autographed by the players and auctioned on eBay. Last year's effort raised over $176,000.

The sticks are manufactured and painted pink by H-and-B of Wallaceburg, Ont.

Spokesman Gary Ireland says more than 400 pink sticks will be used by NHL players on March 16, 17 and 18. He says in a new twist this year, some sticks will also be sold in stores.

The company planned to supply 400 sticks last year, but as word of the initiative spread and orders poured in, more than 800 sticks were eventually painted pink.

The stick used by Pittsburgh Penguins star Sydney Crosby drew one of the highest bids last season at more than $3,200.

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