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New York Juicers


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Hey guys. Its not often I do concepts, and its even rarer I show anybody them.

But, I kinda enjoyed making this one and thought Id show you.

My fantasy teams name is the Juicers, but I wanted to stray away from the stereotypical "Syringe" type logo that you'd imagine. And since im a huge fan of classic uniforms/logos (I "Get It" if you are a Uniwatch visitor), I went in that direction.

Cap logo:


Jersey crest:


Main Logo:


I still need to design uniforms (looking for a good template that is layered), but this is what I have so far.

Comments? Criticisms? Anything?

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I was actually hoping you would do a syringe for a logo, but if you wanted to stray away from that, then I understand that. May I be so bold to suggest a move to Florida? If you're going to go with "Juicers," I think Florida and an orange theme would be perfect.

As far as the logos go, you've done a great job. I don't mind the overlap that ShinyHubCaps mentioned, but if you removed it I wouldn't mind either. My the biggest issue is the different tails on the "Y" and the "S." The S-tail is sharper so I suggest you use that one. Put that on the "Y" and you're golden. In addition, if you're going to keep the overlap in the wordmark, have an overlap in the "NY" logo as well. Overall, well done. Simple and effective.

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