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Mystery Player 2/24/04


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I have a habbit of wearing out my welcome, despite being a highly succesful coach and GM in the NHL. I have taken 3 different teams to the Stanley Cup Finals, winning once. However, in each place I have ever been people ended up being angry at me weather it be Philly, Chicago, New York, St. Louis, Vancouver, Boston of Florida I cant seem to stay in one place too long without rubbing people the wrong way.

Who Am I?

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Mike Keenen

We all hated him here. He traded away Shanahan, got into a struggle with Hull that carried over to Quenville leading to his departure. He seemed like he was ruining the team...So happy to hear him fired...

Now I look back and thank him for MacInnis, Pronger, Demitra, and while it didn't work out for the Blues, as Keenen was the main reason he didn't stay, he even got Gretzky...

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