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Lou Dorfsman


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A pretty big figure in graphic design passed away this past week.

Mr. Dorfsman?s work became a model for corporate communications, in the marketing discipline now called branding. In 1946, when he joined CBS as art director for its successful radio networks, the company was already a leader in both advertising and the relatively new field of corporate identity. Frank Stanton, then CBS?s president, understood the business value of sophisticated design and had earlier hired William Golden as the overall art director; in 1951 Golden designed the emblematic CBS eye, among the most identifiable logos in the world.

Mr. Dorfsman not only extended Golden?s aesthetic by combining conceptual clarity and provocative visual presentation, but developed his own signature style of graphic design.

Read the full obit here, and see a very small sampling of his work here.

Regular Uni Watch readers will also remember that Dorfsman left his mark on the Yankees, who were owned by CBS for a period of time during Dorfsman's tenure. You can read more about that relationship, and about Dorfsman's work, here.

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