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  1. Sports Business Journal reports that the Charlotte franchise's name announcement timeline has been pushed back by the coronavirus pandemic, and that Charlotte FC is the current frontrunner:
  2. I truly do not get this. There has to be more to this story, right?
  3. Looks like a male lion, no? Seems like a missed opportunity to do what the Dutch national teams did - have different but style- and brand-consistent crests for their mens' and womens' teams using male and female lions.
  4. Interestingly, the youth jerseys for sale on their website also have the Stone Brewing logo on them: https://www.soccerloco.com/adidas-youth-sd-loyal-away-jersey-2020.html I wasn't following the Premier League closely when Liverpool was sponsored by Carlsberg, but I seem to remember that they sold kids merchandise with a non-alcohol or blank sponsor. I couldn't find any articles on that, or whether it was a voluntary thing or compliance with a regulation, but I found a story on Everton choosing to take Chang Beer off of their youth team kits and childrens' merchandise, so it seems like it was up to the team's discretion in England as of 12 years ago. I wonder if this will get any attention in San Diego.
  5. And now a leak of Tottenham's fourth (!?) kit: I'm not crazy about the centered logo and swoosh, but besides that I don't hate the design. What I DO viscerally hate is that this is inspired by a Nike shoe. Not by Tottenham's club heritage or by the culture or features of the surrounding area, but a shoe once made by the company that currently makes the uniform, a shoe which has no unique relationship to the team as far as I can tell. It really sucks when uniform manufacturers put their identity ahead of that of the club's like this.
  6. I guess this should technically go in a yet-to-be-created 2020/21 megathread, but according to FootyHeadlines, this will be Tottenham's home kit next year: It's not good! I guess when we were granted our wish to break free of Nike's templates, it was one of those monkey's paw scenarios.
  7. I just hope they can coordinate the promotional schedules so we don't end up with the Homestead Grays playing the Des Moines Deep Fried Corn Cobs.
  8. I've been following NYCFC since their inception, and this constant feeling of this team being unsettled, on and off the field, is tiring and not worth it anymore. Shady, absentee owners; playing in a baseball stadium (or Connecticut or New Jersey when the baseball team wants to play there) with no official peep of progress on their own stadium; inaction and arrogance when their own fans plead with them to oust violent racists from the stadium. Obviously, playing one game at RB stadium isn't as bad as turning a blind eye to fascist supporters, but it's just the cherry on the sundae. I'll be living in Charlotte by the time that team launches and NYCFC is the only fanhood I'm leaving behind in New York.
  9. One thing I'd like to see that I think accommodates the desire to honor Kobe without rushing into a wholesale, permanent change would be a one-time waiver from the NBA's rules to allow players to change to 8 or 24 for the remainder of the season.
  10. He replaced the Tappan Zee with a new bridge that improves on the old one by not being in imminent danger of falling into the Hudson River, rammed it through while ignoring recommendations that it include much-needed tracks for Metro North that would have actually alleviated traffic, and named it after his dad. So this is basically the vexillological equivalent of that.
  11. Yeah, a vain, unproductive change when a more ambitious and forward-thinking option would be called for is just about right.
  12. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to add "E Pluribus Unum" to the state seal, and hence the state flag. If this passes, it would be a huge missed opportunity to go big and truly revamp one of the least interesting state flags in the country.
  13. Seems like it was a "last one in before the door shuts" tax: https://www.espn.com/soccer/major-league-soccer/story/4015203/charlotte-gets-mls-30th-franchise-for-record-$325-million
  14. Signs are going up in Uptown Charlotte for an announcement tomorrow... Tepper is said to be paying a $325M expansion fee.