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  1. So [Cityname] FC + roundel logo + Panthers colors? Nothing really original or surprising in any way, but it's a safe identity and solid design. I do like the secondary a lot, it has a classic English look.
  2. Los Angeles is getting an NWSL franchise named Angel City FC: This might be a preview of some of the branding:
  3. In terms of the start date getting pushed back a year, I wonder if they'd gotten to the point where the 2021 uniforms and accessories that change every season (jackets, etc.) were designed or even put into production? Would they just carry over the uniform designs into 2022 even if one or both are out of sync with whatever Adidas's templates are at that point?
  4. Someone on Twitter pointed out that the two paint cans on the sidewalk near the corner of the building are teal and gold...
  5. Here's the glimpse of the crown from the video:
  6. Maybe it was seeing it in the context of this thread, but I'd never connected how much the Monarchs logo looks like the City of Charlotte's:
  7. I'm hoping they do something very, very close to this:
  8. The franchise, which starts play next season, released this teaser today: The team filed for trademarks on several options last year: Charlotte FC, Charlotte Crown FC, Charlotte Fortune FC, Charlotte Monarchs FC, Charlotte Athletic FC, Charlotte Town FC, Carolina Gliders FC and All Carolina FC.
  9. Update: the announcement of the name, colors, and branding is now expected "around the third week of July."
  10. Charlotte's name announcement has been pushed back again:
  11. Charlotte's MLS franchise will likely announce their name next month:
  12. From the Nets' sideline reporter:
  13. I'd be surprised if the NBA didn't try to monetize this. The team will likely have a level of talent equivalent to an elite college program that rakes in tens of millions of dollars a year, and there will surely be fan interest in seeing a team full of next year's lottery picks. Team LA might not be the only one:
  14. More merchandise confusion: the youth jersey for sale on Fanatics shows the Liberty wordmark... I wonder if it's because Fanduel is a gambling company?