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  1. Charlotte FC revealed the schedule for their ramp-up to their inaugural season - of note, the home jerseys will be released in November, followed by a "Community Kit" in January.
  2. Seems premature for a Charlotte FC kit launch, but the Adidas logo is pretty conspicuous...
  3. Seeing that jersey in the colors Charlotte FC should've used just made me angry about their logo and colors all over again.
  4. The Nets jersey is...not great. I like the idea of drawing from Brooklyn's history and legends for the City editions (especially because the team itself doesn't have deep roots in the borough yet), but the execution has been sub- minor league baseball gimmick night so far. That being said, I've got my fingers crossed for a Barbra Streisand edition next season.
  5. The Nets will have a new advertising patch next season: https://www.netsdaily.com/2020/10/14/21517005/nets-looking-for-bigger-better-uniform-patch-deal-as-infor-sponsorship-expires
  6. The unaffiliated G League team comprised of elite players forgoing college will be called "NBA G League Ignite". They've unveiled a wordmark, with the rest of the logo to come:
  7. Mississippi's choices have been narrowed down to two:
  8. We have a VP pick, and a logo for the Democratic ticket:
  9. So [Cityname] FC + roundel logo + Panthers colors? Nothing really original or surprising in any way, but it's a safe identity and solid design. I do like the secondary a lot, it has a classic English look.
  10. Los Angeles is getting an NWSL franchise named Angel City FC: This might be a preview of some of the branding:
  11. In terms of the start date getting pushed back a year, I wonder if they'd gotten to the point where the 2021 uniforms and accessories that change every season (jackets, etc.) were designed or even put into production? Would they just carry over the uniform designs into 2022 even if one or both are out of sync with whatever Adidas's templates are at that point?
  12. Someone on Twitter pointed out that the two paint cans on the sidewalk near the corner of the building are teal and gold...
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