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Football Helmet Wallpapers


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Alright I got kinda bored and I thought I might do a Computer Background/Wallpaper whatever you wanna call it, I can do it in a 2-bar (Kicker style), 3-Bar, Revo (1,2,3,4) and ION. I will take request, and there are a couple ways I can do this, I only have one example but I will try to put up different ones, The first example I did is Conference Wallpaper IONSECWEST.png

I can do one team's helmet or I could do the one team and show all thier historic helmets. Alright if you request for one this is the info I need and I can do it.

1. Team, or Conference Helmets (College, NFL, Fantasy, CFL, AFL, etc.)

2. Logo (Ex. The SEC logo in the middle of the helmets above, if you rather have a teams logo, wordmark, both. Please specify)

3. (If one team only) Historic/Throwback Style, Tell me the years of which style you would like.

4. Size

5. Background Color

Hope yall like These! Also I have to Thank LEWJ for sending me the 3-Bar helmet and the Revo option 1, and Scottysprings for his ION helmet that I just made paint compaitable. Oh and if you click the image it will be clearer and not pixelized.

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