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Selection Sunday 2009


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I'm not sure if this should deserve it's own topic, or if it should just be covered in the NCAA Basketball Thread. If people don't like it as it's own thread, then I understand that it should be Graveyarded.

Anyways, it is officially Selection Sunday! Express your agreements/disagreements/predictions here. One of the biggest days of the year for any sports fan!

I'll start it off by talking about my 2 favorite teams. First off, I think Minnesota deserves to be in. Beat Louisville, beat Illinois, Wisconsin x2, Ohio State...not to mention some minor conference teams who won their conferences, or put up a fight. Of course, they don't deserve a very good seed, I'd be satisfied with 10 or 11.

Next, Louisville clearly deserves a 1 seed after winning the Big East Tourney. They have been pretty quiet the whole year, and have really been invisible compared to Pitt and UConn. A very solid Big East regular season followed by a Big East Tourney championship clearly deserves a 1 seed.


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