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Strathmore Wheat Kings


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Hey guys.

I currently run media (music video and now hopefully logos) for the Strathmore Wheat Kings, first year Junior B Hockey Club.

I have created this logo. Our original logo was just the Brandon Wheat Kings logo with Strathmore pasted on it. Brandon found out and sent there layers after our team stating we have to change the logo. Giving this opportunity I have gave it my best shot to create something that will hit home for all ages. This is a first year team and sadly in only the second year we have to change the logo. We use the Buffalo Sabers jerseys and I can only hope to create an original design for the jersey as well but I dont know how that would fit under budget!

Please I need C&C! Before I show the team I need to make it PERFECT!


To keep some tradition going I kept the BWK's wheat look. I also added the Wild Rose witch is a huge trademark to this town!



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Top one is better. It's got some potential, but right now I think the roses could use some work. It seems they're a bit detailed while the wheat is very simple. DOn't like the font either.

How would I make it more simple? I thought it was simple enough to begin with.

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