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Ricky and Mike Wedding Pic


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Interesting stories in today's edition of the New Orleans paper about Mike Ditka's infamous trade for Ricky Williams and the ESPN cover shot of Ricky and Mike in wedding garb. First you trade your entire draft for one guy, then this? These may not have been the worst decision or most embarrassing moment in Saints history, but they're sure in the discussion. :cursing:


Behind the pic

Behind the trade

Trade participants - Where are they now?

In the 'funny how things work out' department, TE Billy Miller is one of my favorite current Saints, and he "...was selected by the Broncos with the No. 218 pick in the seventh round, a pick originally owned by the Saints that the Broncos acquired from Washington..." as a result of the Williams trade.



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i remember that. I laughed then and i laugh now.

I remember reading that in austin they threw him a parade and everything positioning himself as the next big thing. Only big thing he became in NO is the centerpiece of the most embarrasing set of events in franchise history.

I approve of Mike Ditka going back to the saints to run the organization again. ^_^



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