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MLB Redesigns, Part II


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Well, it seems that my first MLB thread has died, so I thought I would put in a summary of some MLB concepts that I've made since then. I'll also throw in some old concepts from the vault.

Houston Astros:

Went back to orange and navy, and also added some brown to the mix (hopefully, for just a little "Texas effect"); used font for script and numbers that was futuristic and unique, yet not too computer-looking, like the Rockets' number font.

Seattle Mariners:

Replaced teal with sky blue, dropped funky "S" logo, thinned number font, removed ring from script/display logo (w/Space Needle), brought compass to front on "S" logo

New York Mets:

No changes from original, but made sleeveless orange alt. to see what it would look like; also made orange alt. with sleeves.

Oakland Athletics:

All-Gold Alt. with green and white trim, green stirrups w/gold and white stripes. An older concept of mine; please bear in mind that it wasn't put into .PNG format.

Here's the rundown:

Houston Astros:

Orange, Navy Blue, and Brown trim:

Scripts, Numbers, and Logos (so far):




Seattle Mariners (Latest):

Navy Blue, Gold, Sky Blue





New York Mets:

Orange Alternate:


Oakland Athletics:

Gold Alternate:


C+C Please!

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