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Sandwich-Barnstable Cape Cod Baseball League Concept

Ben Schwartz

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Pretty cool, I like the name and the colors. But, the SB on the red one is backwards. It's supposed to be on the right. And I think the home cap should be the same as the red

Also, Is there a road jersey or is the red one the road?

A few teams in the league have that style and the numbers are on the right with the alternate logo on the left. In the CCBL no team uses gray away jerseys, it's always their secondary color. I think it would have looked better in gray but I was trying to stay true to the league, that's why I included the Chatham Bars Inn logo on the left sleeve (they are a league sponsor and that patch is on most jerseys). Also, every team has at least two hats, some have three. I couldn't really think of any good hats but I like the reds.



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