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NFL (and some NCAA) Concepts


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This is my first concept in a while. The Bucs are first. So far, I only have an alternate logo. It's an altered version of one of the Buccaneers proposed logos that came in with the overhaul of '97. The only difference is that I put what's supposed to be a bandana on this Bucco Bruce logo, instead of the pirate hat. The shield's gone, too (Al Davis would have a fit!)

It's also vectorised and simplified. For the uniforms, I plan on keeping red the main color, but dropping pewter and increasing more orange. I've tried this as a helmet logo, as well as the flag logo (recolored in different swaps of red,orange, and white), but it doesn't seem to fit. Any ideas for the main/helmet logo? I'm thinking the pirate swords, but that's already been taken.

Here's the logo so far:




AKA @LanRovr0 on Twitter

LED Sig Credits to packerfan21396

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