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A Soccer Redesign: Tampere United


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So this is my second concept ever. My first one was another soccer logo.

Tampere United

Not only does Tampere United have a stupid name, but they also got a horrible logo. Well, the name is stupid, but it can be accepted as the team was actually born when two lower league clubs (TPV and Ilves) decided to merge their first team squads and make a push for a promotion (The plan worked and United even won a couple of championships. Ironically, both Ilves and TPV have since restarted their own first teams). The city of Tampere is also sometimes called "the Manchester of Finland" due to its industrial history. So the name is supposed to be witty of something. Anyhow.

This is their current logo:


The middle part is supposed to show a river flowing through the city and the stars symbolize the 11 players of the team. The clip art ball underlines that this really is a soccer team. The color combination and the gradients symbolize the designers ineptitude.

My concept

Okay, so I started this with good intentions. I was really going to make a better logo for them. At some point I realized that I had no ideas as the team itself is so boring. So this went in a little strange direction. In the end I kept the colors from the original and the soccer ball. Then I added a pair of Ray Ban glasses (I'm not sure why). This is what it became:


I might try to turn this into a real concept. Comments are appreciated.

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