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  1. They are starting to come out: http://espn.go.com/nhl/story/_/id/14883822/nhl-uni-watch-take-world-cup-hockey-jerseys
  2. The cyclical existence of Parma continues with a new name and a new crest: Let the climb back to Serie A begin.
  3. Lotto is Italian. Then again, I didn't read through the linked document, but does it actually say the manufacturer is from Panama?
  4. Barca's third is just a re-coloration of that Inter-City shirt:
  5. Supposedly Bayern will have a similar look. Red shirt, darker red stripes.I thought Bayern leaked ages ago. Isn't this it?
  6. Come on now boys. And so forth. This rabbit hole is endless.
  7. If it was a turtleneck, they could place the Adidas logo even higher. And have more stripes on the collar.
  8. I understand that American clubs are desperate for tradition, however fake it may be. But isn't the whole 1764 a bit much? Then again, maybe European clubs have been doing it wrong all along. Perhaps AS Roma should replace the 1927 on their crest with 753 BC.
  9. I wonder if the jersey ads are similar to what happens in the World Championships:
  10. Yeah, but they also play in Rome and the wolf is already taken. I think it's quite okay to borrow symbols from your own past, even if Americans find it somehow distasteful. If I were you, I'd make a big ruckus about the name of the club, S.S. Lazio. OMG NAZIS.
  11. Am I the only one who thinks that eagle looks a little Nazi-esque? I mean, it'd be fitting for Lazio... Am I the only one who thinks Nazis borrowed a lot of their symbols from ancient Rome?
  12. I'm not sure if this Lazio retro shirt was posted: Apparently could see some action already this month.
  13. Nobody probably gives two :censored:s about European hockey, but since Jokerit has such a great logo, it's good to know they wore this travesty in the wild 90's. 1998-2000 to be exact. I'm guessing it won't end up on the site, but whatever.
  14. The first one is better, if a tad bit bland. The crest with a clipart ball in the center is in every other soccer concept, and I know it's the easy solution, but people should just stop. I would like to see the logo to incorporate some little, but recognizable detail from American revolution. Or maybe some some rolling motion, for you know, revolving.