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Throwback associations


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Some people hate throwbacks.

Some people love them.

Some people say if a team won in a certain set of jerseys they should be brought back to bring back he wins.

Some people say those people are morons.

I think it is ridiculous to say that bringing back a very old jersey could inspire a team to win because the old team did.

However, watching my Rams continue their tough year (No need to worry next year they will be back.), I was thinking about bringing their ram horned jerseys back so the Rams would win again. And then I said "Am I a hypocrit, or what?". But I realized why I think it would work for the Rams. Many of their current players (at least on offense) won the Super bowl in their old jerseys. It's seems reasonable to me that going back to a jersey that these players have won in could inspire them.

Just something I was thinking about. What do you think?

Also, I will soon do my idea for a Rams throwback, as I don't think they should go completly throwback.

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For the Rams, I don't think going back to the old uniforms would be a good idea.  In doing it so quickly, after only a few years, they would basically be saying we made a mistake by  changing in the first place.  Other times it works well, like if a team has played poorly as of late, yet had some good times long ago.  The classic case that comes to mind is the Indians.  They went 40 years without a pennant, so in 1994 they took their 1950's look and spruced it up a bit for modern times.  That is not to say that they went to the World Series just because of the retro uniforms, but it certainly helped the team's image.  It also corresponded with the new stadium, but that is a whole 'nother issue!
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But my point is, tha it would be changed in time for some of the players from the SB team to remember and be inspired by it. Actually, I think they should maybe bring it back as a alternate, but modified with the new colors and maybe a little more of something.
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