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Coolflo Batting Helmet Photoshop Template


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This is the first template that I have created. I will certainly make it available to people who would like it, I also would like some tips on how to improve it. Anything would help. If you have any questions or requests let me know (you can just message me on this site).


Blue Jays


I'm sure everyone remembers these...


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You did these templates in Illustrator? It honestly looks like you started tracing over a photo of a helmet on the grey foam bits inside the ear and stopped, partly because the rest looks so realistic. So if you did actually create these in Illustrator, I suggest adding the mesh filter or shading technique on the foam padding that you used on the rest of the helmet.

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I did these in photoshop, because I am quite terrible at illustrator (although I did do some tracing in illustrator). I do know I need to fix that I also need to fix the bill option for the more traditional looking two-tone helmets (not rockies, mets, dodgers, marlins). If you have any suggestions on how I could fix this, whether Ps or Ai I would appreciate it.


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