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Greetings From Lost Wages


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Thought I'd say hello out here. All I have to say is thank goodness the guys in Teal finished up early otherwise I'd be stuck at the ESPNZone forever! I got here late in the morning yesterday and laughed when I saw slot machines at the gate at the airport! (They make sure that all your money stays there)

No gambling yet, that's for today. I'm hitting up the Palms for that, which has been ranked as the best casino with the best payback. Hopefully, I'll come back and actually afford Stanley Cup Finals tickets!!!

Oh by the way for all you betting guys and gals. Cesear's Palace oddsmakers on May 21, 2003 had the San Jose Sharks at 22 to 1 odds at winning this year's Stanley Cup. Now, it's at 8 to 1. I asked the guys aren't you worried that the Sharks pull it out? The guy said, no worries, it's going to be "taken care of." Hmmmm, conspiracy perhaps? :-P For the record, Cesear's has its money on the 3 to 1 favorite Detroit, and is fretting the Calgary Flames who are currently 22 to 1 odds to win it all. For the record, Nashville had the biggest odds entering the playoffs at 75 to 1 and were the only team that had its odds increase (I think that's what I mean to say.) from last year, they were at 60 to 1 in May of last season.

2004 San Jose Sharks 7th Man Fan of the Year

San Jose Gold Miners - 4x Lombardi Cup Champions

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