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  1. I put this together for my site, curious as to which one looks best for San Jose? (And yes, the Thornton one was made prior to him going to the Leafs) https://twitter.com/TealTownUSA/status/1318388782647762944?s=20
  2. Well, to get in the mind of what the Sharks designer was thinking, I just interviewed Terry Smith this week for my podcast. Planning to do more chatting with him down the road.
  3. Yep, that would be my stuff. I love this look. Not sure what they're planning. But on my Sharks related site and podcast (sorry for the shameless plug), we've speculated Team Teal might be bringing back the original logo for more merchandise sales, but heard some low rumblings they're getting TWO new jerseys but only one of them would be an Adizero version of the original style. The Sharks' Stealth (third) jersey taking a year off, similar to the Ducks with their orange third jerseys to commemorate an anniversary season. Ironically, prior to the NHL pause, the Sharks store at the Shark Tank was discounting only third jerseys at 40% off, something similar they did when they transitioned from the RBK Edge style -> the 2013 "Next Wave" and from Reebok -> Adidas. http://tealtownusa.com/2020/01/old-logo-new-jersey-who-dis/ Honestly, the home and away need to be fixed.
  4. As @FiddySicks mentioned, I was an assistant equipment manager for the Demons. At the time Pac Bell Park aka The Hell Hole, was always packed. Good prices, gorgeous ballpark. Crowd was always jacked up. We had a game I think it was either against Memphis or Birmingham and it was pouring. Still loved how we got that place jam packed.
  5. I ask because I don’t know. How much love is out there for the Orca logo?
  6. Not this version. Last season's version, was my design.
  7. Heh whoops, thought I covered it, but Carolina had some similar striping and I used their template when creating this. Good eye. JJ, I tried that but it was missing something with it.
  8. I really like how you used past striping and or logo elements
  9. It's been quite some time. But here goes nothing. My first concept on CCSLC since Team Teal actually thought orange was a good idea. The info: Sharks are planning to go with a third jersey in 2018-19. Per an interview with the team's COO on one of my podcasts on my website, TealTownUSA.com (shameful plug), the team did a survey and found fans favored a black alternate jersey (as much as I have been emphasizing, you're known as Team Teal, go with it) (link to podcast below go to the 12:10 mark for the jersey talk) The Sharks original style jersey was incredibly popular (The Hockey News #1 NHL jersey of all time) then and now in San Jose especially with the recreation during the team's 25th anniversary, are shown here as the inspiration of a new look, but not completely going off the rails. The issue with the Sharks' black jerseys in the past was that the teal wasn't as noticeable in previous designs and look just black and white from a distance, especially in section 224 row 16 at the Shark Tank. So, like the team did when they unveiled "Sharkachu" and "Screaming Shark" logos, I added some color to it. This is the result Not going to lie, wanted to avoid the Starter black Sharks jersey that was popular in the mid 90's. It's similar to the design I submitted and eventually modified by the Sharks minor league squad, the Barracuda. I'll be looking forward to comments and criticism. And I may show off the designs that didn't make this look, perhaps the edited Screaming Shark biting a stick. All the best.
  10. When can I make trades?

  11. Not boom at all. I will say though some may consider needing to state the rec league or biggest ice facility west of Mississippi because many critics have stated in the past there are no fans, it doesn't belong here, they don't deserve hockey yada yada yada. Lest we forget one notorious member who was rooting against Tampa and SJ in 2004 because they don't deserve the Cup.
  12. Monkey, what I was saying was the Sharks merchandise boom that started in '91 was so huge when the Ducks came in which they were more massive thanks to the Disney tie-in, led to other teams changing logos and jerseys and introducing third jerseys for more revenue. After 1993, who didn't alter their logo, jerseys, numerals etc? Maybe Detroit has had the same look since the Sharks arrived and only stuck to what they've had? Admiral, I'm not quite sure what you mean by embracing themselves. Meaning they care more about hockey than they do themselves?
  13. Irrelevant? Eh, I wouldn't think we would go that far. On the topic of sports logos (since that's why we're on this site) the NHL had no clue how to do merchandise or marketing when the Sharks arrived in 1991. The team was so successful merchandise wise that it only trailed the NBA champion Chicago Bulls in sales. For a team that was 17-58-5, pretty damn good. Or the even worse 11-71-2 in season two. The league let the teams do their own thing with no rules or protocol. The NHL didn't set that up until years later. After that you saw the Mighty Ducks go crazy with the Disney tie-in. Then other teams experimented with looks to try to cash in (the Fisherman, the Caps' swooping eagle, Sabres with the black, red moniker or even the Buffaslug) On the ice? Oh sure, we've had a doozy of craploads laid on us. Even then, whether it was the Cow Palace for two years or the Shark Tank, the place has been close to full throughout the team's existence. It's not like Phoenix, Florida, the dark days of the Oilers, Jets. And sure,we don't have the history of an original six or Canadian team to thrive on. But it works here. Part of which is why the team was game for with it's other rivals to do an AHL Pacific Division. (While I despise the logo for the Barracuda sponsored by Barracuda) As for class and professionalism, heh we'll tell Doug to shut his mouth, to quote Joe Thornton. They've made dumb moves on and off the ice, then again which team hasn't made bad moves or have chinks in the armor? Seguin for Kessel? Thornton for Sturm, Primeau, and Stuart? Some guy to the Seals for Guy LaFleur? Uniform change for performance based? Eh, sure hasn't stopped others with waist stripes. Canada has and always will have the passion beyond everyone else. While we yearn and wish for more growth of the game in the Bay Area, we have embraced the game.
  14. Hope I'm one of those two stomachable Sharks fans. ???
  15. Whoops, let's try this again...
  16. Taking the high road from previous comments aimed at my team... Western Conference Regular Season Banners are few and far between, I'm pretty sure Dallas and Detroit also have such banners. Nice and classy banners in New Orleans. Did they update the ones they had before (2000? NFC West)
  17. Hey man! Clear the mail, I wanted to chat with you!

  18. Ok since I stumped you all on the last one, what about the font on this?
  19. I'm guessing its a similar font to what Fox uses on their NFL broadcasts.
  20. Anyone know where these are from? I've seen many also from the Flyers, Stars, and Ducks as well.
  21. Good idea. I should do those. And the NHL while I'm at it. Saaaaay, if anybody has access to vector art files... I have both the Avalanche and Nuggets in .ai format. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v71/fizz...s-throwback.png Well, there's one NHL font done! That's the font to the Carolina Hurricanes! 1 down 29 to go! AWESOME JOB GUYS!
  22. Ed Belfour's jersey in San Jose for one game: He wore this one game at Vancouver (the Canucks were in those ultra cool third jerseys) the next night, Belfour changed to #20. Then screwed over every Sharks fan when saying the whole year when he wasn't faking an injury that he would do whatever it takes to re-up in Teal Town. Instead, first day of free agency he signs with the Stars. Now he's too afraid to play in San Jose.
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