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USF Dons Logos & Basketball Jerseys Concept


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These are some pencil drawings I did about 1 1/2 or 2 years ago. As most of you already know from my previous posts, I have quite poor computer design skills, but I would like to think I can draw well (or so my mommy tells me :D ). So I'll post a lot of my hand drawn stuff here.

For the primary I used an updated version of this inside a cirlce. The San Francisco script is similar to this but with different font and without the guy in the o. For the jerseys I did three different script combos for a home white and away green jersey I would appreciate it if you guys could say which script combo and side stripe you like the best. Ill try to have a colored version of the one liked best up by tonight.

The alternate jersey is a nod to the old San Francisco Warriors jerseys

You can ignore the small writing its just notes to myslef on the colors (but if you want to zoom in you can see what colors I planned on using for the wordmarks, stripes and piping) Thanks guys



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