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  1. I don't like all the SEC love either, but it is the best conference. It's not like they're drooling over the Big East. You seem mad that a team is getting credit for having sucess in the SEC, when Boise doesn't get any for being sucessful in the vaunted WAC or Mtn. West
  2. A certain three letters (I'm sure you can guess which ones). That's how. If Boise ever gets a BCS title shot (not that they deserve it) will you stop being so bitter about college football voting
  3. Am I the only one that thinks Wyoming looks bad it just about everything they roll out?
  4. Boise State isn't in a BCS conference -- so why would I enclude them in my BCS Top 12? Roughing up on weak teams on that gimmicky blue field of their's does not impress me. Other than being a Jets fan, I kinda like you Cujo
  5. When they're playing like this, they're for real absolutely. Their record is great, but who have they beat? Detroit was a great win, but that's it. They beat Cincy in only Dalton's 3rd start, and if they play TB 10 more times, they don't come close to another 45 point win. I think they'll easily make the playoffs, but they won't last long
  6. I hate Tim Tebow as much as the next guy (probably more), I love watching him struggle and I can't stand hearing Skip Bayless' Tebow-loving crap, but I wouldn't call his legacy tarnished just yet
  7. What are people's thoughts on the 49ers? Contenders or pretenders?
  8. I fully support keeping the burgundy pants as the primary for the simple fact that they won three super bowls in them. Gotta quit living in the past at some point. I'd rather look to the future for Super Bowls than the past. Good joke
  9. I really like Washington's black unis. They look good and there's enough purple and gold to make them work IMO
  10. I'm not trying to start an arguement at all, I'm just asking why you believe Oregon is back in contention. But of the things that you mentioned in that post, none of them have happened yet, so I'm not sure why you think Oregon is magically in the title race (and I'm not sure why you quoted that post, but no one know's what you're thinking 99% of the time)
  11. Vikings players should not be allowed to wear Revo Speed helmets
  12. Well, Oregon won with it's stars not at 100 percent, but they're almost there, Wisconsin lost again, Michigan State lost again, Clemson lost, Kansas State lost, A&M lost again, Arkansas barely held on, and Stanford didn't look invincible. For Oregon to truly be in title contention, there's gonna need to be only one undefeated team or less, IMO. Of the one-loss teams, Oregon is definitely at the top, they're loss was to the #1 team, and it was early in the year, which is the best time for a loss
  13. Spleen, why do you think what happened today puts Oregon back in contention? I'm not saying it doesn't, but I'm curious what took place that makes Oregon a contender (I didnt see many games today, but I know Okie State and Stanford are still undefeated)
  14. I didn't know I was either. You seem to think you are. That, or you can see the future