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Introducing Project Aba 2004


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After seeing a concept for the old ABA San Diego Sails team in this forum, I have been wondering just like the old WHA Project what a concept would be like using the 1967-1976 ABA Teams.


Your assignment is to use the colors of old American Basketball Association franchises from the 1967-68 through 1975-76 and create new uniforms and insignias as if they were still playing as of this point in time. Here's a list of teams with their colors:

  • Anaheim Amigos - orange, black
  • Baltimore Claws - green, gold
  • Carolina Cougars - Carolina blue, cardinal red
  • Dallas Chaparrals - red, white and blue
  • Denver Rockets - orange, Columbine blue (purple), yellow and black
  • Houston Mavericks - black and yellow-gold
  • Kentucky Colonels - red, white and blue
  • Memphis Tams - kelly green, California gold, polar bear white
  • Miami Floridians - magenta, blue, hot orange
  • Minnesota Muskies - blue and gold
  • New Orleans Buccaneers - red, white and blue
  • Pittsburgh Condors - red, blue, orange, yellow-gold
  • San Diego Conquestadors - red and gold
  • The Spirits of St. Louis - Texas orange, black and silver
  • Utah Stars - red, white, powder blue and royal blue
  • Virginia Squires - Blue, white and orange.

The source for the colors comes from the award-winning web pages of the "Remember The ABA" website for the color research. I have combined in a couple of cases colors from a couple of teams. The Denver Rockets who became the Nuggets in 1974, are using the combined colors from their two incarnations while the Pittsburgh Condors, who were the Pittsburgh/Minnesota/Pittsburgh Pipers before 1970, are also combined with the teams' two color sets (blue and orange for the Pipers, red and yellow-gold for the Condors) and the Los Angeles/Utah Stars (Red, white and powder blue for the Los Angeles version with the darker royal blue from the Utah version). The Virginia Squires' color scheme is from their final season (1975-76) while the Cougars' color scheme is from the 1970-71 season.

So let's see what you have in a new-skool ABA style, designers. Fire when ready, my friends!

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