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Phillies Cream Alternate Concepts


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Ok i'm a huge fan of adding the liberty bell to phillies jerseys and putting a "P" on the chest our jerseys as we did throughout the 70s-92 with the maroon and powder blue (ill be making concepts of them as well in the future).

What we have here is the phillies current cream alternates with the Red "P" on the chest and the numbers to the left of it similar to many other teams, nats, reds, ect. I added the blue liberty bell patch on the left sleeve and our curremt primary logo on the right. I thought it looked plain with just one patch, if any of you have suggestions as to if theres too many patches and as too which patch to stay or any other modifications please let me know. I continue to learn from ou guys on this forum and appreciate the help as ive been getting better everyday with practice!

All decked out:




I honestly think this looks too naked

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My only real recommendation here would be to move the chest logo and/or the front number down. If you look at the Nats' home jerseys, they are lower (especially the number), and it makes the jersey look more balanced.

Also, maybe it's just me, but the blue in the "Phillies" patch looks darker than the blue in the Liberty Bell patch. I think you should make sure that the same shade of blue is used throughout the jersey.

Overall, nice work.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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