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Portuguese Rugby Clube Logo


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we've used the logo for 10 years now and since its our anniversary were trying to refresh it a bit... it's been an ongoing process and then i stumbled onto your site. i hope you guys can help

wed like to preserve the original logo and it's coloring, wich consists of the 5 orange rugby balls and the blue lettering .maybe with a little modification to the balls and letters and add a new element to it, we've debated about adopting a mascot and so far we've had positive feedback on using a gryphon.

So i added the gryphons... how would you guys make this better ? unfortunately I'm no good at drawing or i would try and personalize the gryphons around the logo and try and make it fit...

any suggestions ? ideas ?

thanks for your input


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Well for starters it's rather busy with those two gryphons and their old stylings don't mesh too well with the modern stylings of the balls and wordmark. Go with just 1 gryphon and use a silhouette instead, either orange or blue. How you want to accommodate the logos so they look unified and balanced is the tricky part but that's up to you. I like the potential here

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Hmm true. I was thinking maybe if you made the silhouette white and put it inside the bottom right ball and then put two smaller balls on each side but behind the main. For example the middle one stands out in front of the others as they recede. Or you could always put the gryphon in the middle of the 5 ball star you have going there. These are only suggestions if you want an idea as you can do so much with this.

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Hi RCOStuff.

I think I may be able to help you if you are interested. For personal reasons, I'd like to donate my time to helping you out in this cause. If your interested please let me know an email I can reach you at. I went through the Oeiras website/blog and found multiple emails and just wasn't sure which one would reach you if any. If interested I'd be more then welcoming to help.

All the best on this project otherwise.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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