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Goalie Mask Design


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A while back, I posted a request on the request boards for some help with a goalie mask design. I just bought myself a shiny new Sportmask Mage RS lid, and I wanted to put the personal touch to it!

The post was largely ignored and would've quickly fallen into the depths of obscurity and irrelevance, had it not been for one kind-hearted individual named Eric (more commonly known as lich0037).

I worked with him, told him what I was thinking for a mask design, and he nailed it.


he designed the bear, and pretty much everything else. I made the ice blocks.

Meaning behind the mask? The panda is really sentimental to me, and it has close ties to my family, specifically my mother, who loves pandas. I love the Canucks, so the logos serve as a Roberto Luongo/Cory Schneider/Curt Ridley tribute. Oh, and the insignia on the bottom is for my grandpa, who served 25 years in the US Air Force. His rank was Senior Master Sergeant.

I posted this for two reasons; to show off lich0037's awesome work, and to ask you all for some comments on the mask, maybe possible improvements, before I send the mask away to be painted.

Thanks guys!

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