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Half season fantasy baseball


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Hey everyone,

This is an invitation open to the entire community (excluding current UL/CL particpants) to join a Yahioo based baseball league. I've noticed that several baseball leagues have tried to start up with little success thus far

The combined baseball leagues are willing to host a third 'half-season, minor' league on the UL/CL boards. Even if only 6 people sign up who want to play and have some fun, (the league won't need another board.) After the season, participation in this league could lead into membership in wither the UL or CL

Any and all are welcomed to join up, see what fantasy ball is all about. The time comitment is simply to check on your team once or twice a week to ensure that your lineup is set.

Please refer to and sign up in THIS THREAD if interested. Yahoo registration for the midseason ends June 15th

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BUMP and an update, so far these are the teams signed up:

Shizznick - Houston Buffs

Random - Washinton Senators

Pittunited- Pittsburg (first choice)

jpslapshot - Boston Batallion (first choice)

Break-Wood - Manhattan Metros (for the minor league, we'll allow another NY area team)

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