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Zephyr X-Line


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For those who may have seen Zephyr-made hats or jerseys with strange logos on them, the story is that Zephyr designed these different logos specifically for each team, and it can only be found on their products.

The whole story of the "X Line", as they call it, can be found on their site:


They also have great shots of all of their created logos on the site as well.

Anyways, alot of these logos are pretty bad, but in the midst of that, I think there are some really nice designs on here. I'm not sure what the extent of the agreement between Zephyr and the actual teams is, but some of them might want to consider adopting these logos, if legally possible (obviously, with Zephyr holding the exclusive logo rights, that would be a major hurdle to clear).

I think my personal favorite is the BC Lions creation. It reminds me alot of the Cleveland Browns "Dawg Pound" logo, which I have long thought they should use as a secondary logo.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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