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Where are the Expos gonna move?


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There has been some talk in the MLB about moving the Montreal Expos, and it looks like it's gonna happen...but to where? The two cities up for question......Washinton D.C and Las Vegas. So where to move them? Sin City, or the Nation's Capital? To make things easy for the MLB any city on the east coast is fine. (Expos are in the NL East) So, in all simpleness, D.C is the place. But come on. What has been a challenge the MLB has faced? The strike....the no all-star game? Soo, here's what the MLB should do. Make the Expos a American League team. After all, they are moving to American. Then, move them to Sin City, Nevada. You gotta give Nevada a team. Finally put them in the West Division. (that's a no brainer) They would go good feuding with the Angels. I can see it know, headlines reading Sin City vs. The Angles. Nah...Expos isnt really a sinful name. They should change their name and colors. And while they are doing that they should go ahead and change their roster. Like, get good players on thier team.

--Any thoughts to that?

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