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The Promised Land Cover Logo (PATCHEZ IS GREAT)


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Hi everyone!!

Despite visiting this site almost everyday I don't post much. It can be because of my poor english level or because my maybe-poorest drawing skills. Despite these limitations, I tried to do the cover of my own soon-to-be-published novel but, in the end, I felt there were something left on it.

Then I remember one of the many awesome series this site have ever offered to the eyes of the ones who, like me, come here often. Patchez and his talents were the missing piece for the logo to be as awesome as it can be.

So I asked him to collaborate on giving his great touch in the cover and, luckily, he accepted. Now my space-related book is about to launch and I'm so proud of the mission patch I ended with.

I wanted to start this topic to say thank you to the great Patchez for what he did for me, a 24 year-old soon to publish his own first book in Catalonia (not Spain, for the ones who don't know lol). Thank you so much for being one of the main reasons if this books turns to be succesful.


For the ones who don't know, but now on will now, PATCHEZ IS AS GREAT AS HIS TALENTS :D

PD: Please excuse my english teachers, unfortunately they're not so much better than me on it lol

PD2: I'll upload the full cover next, I don't have it on this computer

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