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Colorado Avalanche jersey concept

Snow Monster

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This is my first post, so bear with me. 'Still getting the hang of this place.

I am a big fan of the Colorado Avalanche and have been for as long as I can remember. However it goes without saying that this team has one of the worst jerseys in the NHL. We fans have come to call them the ''unipron'' because of the stupid apron-like design.

Before Reebok took over we had one of the most unique jerseys in the league. Avs fans definately would like to see the team return to something akin to the look of the pre Reebok era. This is what I have attemted to accomplish.

Please note that I have noticed a couple of designs eerily similar to mine but I have no intention or desire to emulate or copy anyone else's concept. This is solely my work aside from the actual templates which I borrowed from Bmacs' blog.

Alright, so here is the home jersey.


I love the older uniforms the Avs wore so they were definately the inspiration, however I thought that since the Avalanche is a very modern team, a modern design should be in order. I think an update is acceptable for them. I have made some subtle homages to the Quebec Nordiqes given their historic significance to the Avs. First of all the main color is steel blue instead of Burgundy. While I love burgundy and wish to keep it as the primary color of the franchise I think a change to blue will not hurt this uniform. But I still left enough burgundy to be recognizable as an Avalanche jersey. Most people won't even notice the difference. The Nordiques wore blue sweaters, so that is sort of a reference right there. Another thing is I brought back the mountains on the sleeves and bottom of the sweaters. The new ones seem empty without them. I arranged the three peaks at the bottom of the jersey to sort of imitate the three Fleur De Lis that the Nordiques wore on the bottom of their jerseys. Some people have wanted to eliminate the black in the uniforms entirely, but I don't think it is necessary and I doubt many Avs fans would either, so rather tone down the black I attempt to embrace it. I think it kind of ties together the jersey and the pads, gloves and helmets the players wear even better. Overall I wanted to retain the original feel of the design,at the same time giving it a new, modern look.

Here is the White version.


I really didn't change a whole lot on this one, just gave it the same update as the home jersey. It sort of retains the nostalgia of the glory days of Colorado.

Finally I present the alternate jersey.


This one is pretty much a recoloration of the current alternates the Avs wear with inspiration from our first alternate jersey and imitating the color scheme of the original dark jerseys.

And as a bonus I made a concept of a Winter Classic uniform.


Not a whole lot done here. Just a simple classic design with only the main colors used. If the Avalanche aren't able to use the Quebec Nordiques or the original Colorado Rockies uniforms for a Winter Classic game, then these should be an acceptable substitute.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Any constructive critisism or just general thoughts would be appreciated.


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