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Hey guys, I'm back! This time, though, I am switching things up a bit. Instead of another concept thread on roller bowling, I'm doing one on American football in a European country. The first country I'm doing is Romania. Why? Well, because I just thought of Romania first. Depending upon how this thread does, I may do other European countries as well. Now, let's get into it.

I am naming this league the Fotbal American Liga din România, or the FALR for short. Here is the league's primary logo:


The FALR is a league of 12 teams in 2 divisions, North (Nord) and South (Sud). The breakdown and the map of the league are below (along with the division logos):


Brasov Knights

Cluj-Napoca Violets

Iasi Longhorns

Oradea Stars

Sibiu Eagles

Timisoara Brewers


Bucharest Bulldogs

Bucharest Timberhawks of Ilfov

Constanta Barracudas

Craiova Royals

Galati Gulls

Ploiesti Oilers


I'll start posting the teams today. So, what do you think of the FALR?

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North Division (Divizare Nord)


In 1211, the Teutonic Knights, under King Andrew II of Hungary, built Kronstadt (the city of the crown) on the site known today as Brasov to defend the Kingdom of Hungary. The silver comes from the shield of the Teutonic Knights, and the blue comes from the Brasov coat of arms.


In the botanical reservations of Cluj-Napoca, you'll find Venus's slipper (Calypso orchid) and iris plants, both rarities in Romania.


In 1564, the capital of the Principality of Moldavia was moved from nearby Suceava to Iasi, where it remained until 1859, when Iasi and Bucharest were mad ethe capitals of the United Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia. The logo and nickname are loosely based off of the Moldavian flag, which had the aurochs, an extinct breed of cattle, in the center, along with a rose, a star, and a crescent (because during the time, Moldavia was a Vassal State of the Ottoman Empire). You can also see it today on the flag of neighboring Moldova. The colors of red and grey are based on the city coat of arms.


During the Mongol invasion of Hungary in the 11th century, King Ladislas I built a monastery in Oradea. Some of the fortifications of the monastery would later form Oradea's Fortress, the ruins of which can be seen today. Like many fortresses around the world, this one is star-shaped. The logo and the name are based off this fortress. The green comes from the Hungarian tricolor, and the yellow comes from the Sun (which is a star, as well).


The colors of this team (gold, red, and black) come from the German tricolor. Why? Because from its founding in 1191 and even now, this city has always been ethnically German. In fact, the mayor of Sibiu is the president of the centrist party of the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania. Sibiu is also called Hermannstadt by the Germans. The logo and nickname are based off of the coat of arms of Germany.


The Timisoreana brewery, owned by Ursus Breweries (which is in turn owned by SABMiller), was built in 1718 in this western Romanian city. The blue comes from the Timisoreana beer logo (part of the team logo, along with a mug of beer), and the wheat comes from the wheat used to make beer.

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South Division (Divizare Sud)


Bucharest, the capital of Romania, has a stray dog problem. "Bulldogs" seemed perfect to me. The collar on the bulldog has six spikes to represent the six sectors of Bucharest. The colors of blue and red come from the city flag, which is similar to the Romanian tricolor, except for having the city coat of arms in the center.


Otopeni, despite it being a small town of only 10,000 people, has one of the highest GDP per capita levels in Romania, along with other towns in Ilfov County, which surrounds Bucharest. It is also the home of Henri Coanda International Airport, Bucharest's international airport. The colors, logo, and nickname all come from the forests that cover the county.


Constanta, on the Black Sea coast, is considered to be Romania's Miami, so an aquatic nickname like "Barracudas" was a no-brainer, along with the colors of sky blue and sand.


The name of Craiova borrows from the Old Slavonic word "kral", meaning "king". The colors of royal blue and gold (from the crown a king wears) come from this meaning.


Galati is the largest port town on the Danube River, Europe's second-longest river after the Volga, so "Gulls" fit perfectly. The kelly green color differentiates this team from the Timberhawks.


With US investment, in 1856-7, the world's first large oil refinery was built in this city (The first one ever was built in Scotland), so "Oilers" fit perfectly. The black comes from the color of oil, and the gold comes from oil's nickname of "black gold".

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It's a good idea for a league. I'm not sure if you're using Paint, GIMP or some similar program, because i'm feeling a little lack of execution. I feel you need more distinctive wordmarks.

I'm the only missing a team based in Vampires, and Count Dracula? This could be a big marketing action.

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