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Feedback on State Championship logo


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My hockey team just won states this last weekend and I'm trying to design a logo that could end up as a possible tattoo. We have two logos I'm interested in using, a spartan head and a block S. Both with hockey sticks crossing through them (unless you have any other ideas to tie it to hockey?). I'm thinking I like the spartan head better, but I'm having trouble incorporating the text within the logo. The only way I know how to is to use "ribbons" to put text in. I would like it to say "Team 43" or at least "43" somewhere (43rd anniversary of the team), but I don't know where I should put it where it will still flow with the design. I'd like to keep the "State champions" or "State champs" somewhere in the logo. And if possible "Stevenson" (name of the school), but it is not as important as "team 43" and "state champions". I'd also like to keep the compact-ish design. Here is what I have right now:


Here are the two older designs I came up with (Didn't want to post the pictures since they're so large)

Block S:


Old Spartan Head:


I decided the logos were a little too large on those ones.

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