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This one should be interesting. For a fantasy team, my friend wants a team called the DNA. They will be a fantasy hockey team starting next year. He said, and I quote: "it would be cool if there were, like swooshes , like, coming together, making it look like DNA. The swooshes would be the movement lines of a hockey puck being shot." I think he means having the 'swooshes' interlock to make it look like DNA. He wanted a logo with and without text. I know he wanted grey in the logo cuz his last name is "Gray" and his team logo has had grey in it the last 2 or 3 years. You can just choose another color to put in. If anyone can create this, that would be great! I have no skill at all at making logos, so if you could, that would be fantastic. If you have the time, please consider it.



Oops... this should be in requests...

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