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  1. This is pretty speculatory on my part, but there's a guy that posted a fun take on the Murder Hornet fiasco and made a concept for Seattle's expansion franchise. All well and good, he acknowledges in a reply that it's "mostly borrowed elements that were altered and mashed together" (from here, it appears). But then the post gained a bit of traction and started making its way around Twitter. He's latched onto a bunch of the posts asking for credit and eventually was "forced" to upload the design to a site to sell merch, even though he really didn't want to. I don't get the impression that he was the original artist of the stock art but
  2. Anyone know something similar to the font used on the new MLB postseason logos? I can't seem to figure out those S's and I love them!
  3. You can't spell success without succ.

  4. Cowboys Chiefs Bills Broncos Bears Lions Falcons Bucs Titans Jaguars Chargers Rams Giants Panthers Eagles Bengals
  5. Woops! Totally forgot to mention this earlier. I participated in Week 1, with an 8-6 record but it wasn't recorded Week 4: Packers Dolphins Panthers Jaguars Texans Steelers Bengals Lions Cowboys Falcons Chargers 49ers Giants Broncos Seahawks Chiefs
  6. Ravens Bills Steelers Panthers Bucs Browns Dolphins Pats Lions Eagles Seahawks Chiefs Packers Raiders Cowboys
  7. Cheifs (I'm mad I didn't get this in) Steelers Cardinals Texans Titans Redskins Ravens Falcons Bills Rams Packers Panthers Cowboys Saints Chargers
  8. I think I'd connect the "J" and the "4"...the thin piece of black in between them is drawing my eye