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Hi everyone,

I'd appreciate it if you could take a couple of minutes out of your day to vote on my proposal for an urban intervention on my university's campus in Toronto. The project is titled SOIGNEUR.

Project Description:

The proposal brings attention to the existing bicycle storage facility at Ryerson University by creating a bicycle stop for the cyclists of the university, as well as general public of Toronto. The current loading strip is transformed into a space to rest and interact by introducing seating areas. This thruway, located on the boundary of Ryerson, connects the city with the campus; thus, acting as an entrance for both pedestrians and cyclists. In addition, bicycle amenities such as a water dispenser, shelter and an innovative bicycle station helps promote this sustainable way of transportation, thus encouraging all students to take advantage of the facilities that Ryerson University has to offer. The wood plank path acts as a separator between vehicular and pedestrian traffic moving through the site, while the texture of the material brings warmth to otherwise unkind surroundings. The bench is constructed of a sloping hollow structural steel section up to a wooden slat bench, where bikes can be inserted and locked during class or work near closed circuit cameras for added security. The proposal considers the existing site elements - the bicycle room and the painting - by assisting the bike facility and emphasizing the mural, not overshadowing either.

You can sign up with your Facebook account and nothing is posted on your timeline, I've voted on this website previously. Link is here:


And C&C, as always.




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