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NCAA Football Fantasy Team Concept - Feedback Wanted!


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My first ever concept, hopefully I can improve but this is what I got. Feedback would help a lot! Without further a do, the Maryland State Moncarchs!



Home Uniform


Away Unifrom


Blackout Alternate Uniform


(P.S. pretend that Blackout collar is yellow. Had a hard time trying to change it, lol)

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Overall it's great! Only problem I have with this are the numbers on the front... try to make them a little bigger and this will be perfect

For your fist concept, this is great.

Thanks guys, this means a lot. And with the numbers on the front, it just didn't feel like this template gave me enough room to incorporate a big number, supposing that designs shouldn't go past that bottom section.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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