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  1. I think your biggest problem with the cardinals is it is almost the exact same template as the Vikings have in real life. Not sure if you planned to overhaul the Vikings or not but they may end up looking too similar. Also not sure if the sand color works when the eye in the logo is white. Might be an improvement to change the eye to sand. I really like your Bucs concept, no complaints there it looks really clean and I love the cuff striping. Overall good work!
  2. Hey guys, I threw this concept together and wanted some feedback. The focus of this project was to try and recreate the Dolphins as if they were a 90's expansion team. I went with bright colors and a very 90's jersey design. I'm especially looking for feedback on the logo, I am trying to improve on my logo skills. The primary combos would be black/black/blue, white/white/black, and pink/pink/blue. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks
  3. The panel is there because its a lighter and more breathable material. As a baseball player that back panel is usually where you sweat the most. It makes a lot of sense for the players that majestic added that panel. It also makes sense that it is on fan authentics, because when people buy authentic jerseys they want exactly what the player's wear. I get that it's ugly but it doesn't really make sense to complain about it.
  4. Ok an update to Carolina is coming. Carolina would play in Charlotte and Alaska would play in Anchorage. The thing in the Carolina logo is a cat tail, maybe i should change that and try to make it more obvious. Here are the last two expansion teams, Honolulu and Las Vegas. I am hoping to update a couple more teams and then this series will be complete.
  5. Next up is two of the four expansion teams. The Carolina Cougars and the Alaska Kodiaks. Alaska's sleeve pattern is based on an old Alaskan license plate.
  6. Here is the inspiration from the Padres design. And here are the final two teams. I'm not sold on the Rockies. I am definitely open to ideas. Here's another idea I had for the Rockies:
  7. Sorry for the long wait, I've been busy. Here is the Red's with a logo including black: And here are the four new teams. Only two teams left then the expansion teams.
  8. The Bucks looks a lot like a bunny. I'm not sure how you would fix that though.
  9. Ok, thanks for all the feedback on Monterrey, I'll continue working on them. I already finished Alaska and Honolulu so all thats left is to finish Charlotte. I also want to go back and update Minnesota. Next up is the Reds and Pirates. For the Reds i just basically made a throwback. Nothing too exciting. As for the Pirates, I wanted to play-up the pirate theme.
  10. Messed around with the Cardinals for about an hour today before finally abandoning that concept. Decided to just rename them entirely. I named them the Expos. Much of the buildings and parks around St. Louis are a result of the 1904 Worlds Fair. How does this look? The arch sleeve design would be on both sleeves, but i couldn't get it to look good on the template so I decided to leave it out.
  11. Here is the liberty with the US Declaration font. I like the cleaner cursive more if we're being honest. And I think I have figured out the expansion. I've added Honolulu, Alaska, Monterrey, and Charlotte. I wanted to do Alaska and Monterrey because i think they'd be interesting concepts that aren't made too often. i do have some questions about Monterrey. Here is what I have so far, obviously its just a lot of ideas thrown together but i wanted some of your guys input. The team name is Tritons. And now here is the Cubs and Cardinals. Cubs: I cleaned up one of their old logos and brought back the baby blue pinstripes. Looking at it now, I probably will switch the Away and Alt. jerseys. Cardinals: I'm not too sure about this one. I think the birds on the bat without the script is interesting but I'm not certain that its recognizable enough to stand on its own.
  12. Ok, I have finished up Vegas and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I still need two expansion cities, so if anyone has suggestions I am all ears. I'll unveil them all after I finish out the National League. And here are the last two teams for the NL East. I brought back the 2005 Nationals set, because it is easily my favorite from their history, and I believe it is pretty close to perfect. I've created a new George Washington logo to be used as an alternate. I renamed the Phillies because I don't really like the name. They're now the Liberty, however their set is still pretty close to what it is today.
  13. Lots of posts today, but I am working on some expansion teams, and would love to hear some input on the Las Vegas teams logos. I'm trying to decide which direction I should go. And whether or not the Thunderbirds logo should include the star or not. So far I have made one expansion team, in Honolulu. If anyone has any city suggestions i can try and make them work. I'm thinking I will probably do two more expansion teams, to make the league 34 teams total.
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