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  1. Excellent work, yet again. I wonder how the ‘Getaway’ uniform (with that dope-ass hat) would look with white pants.
  2. I think he was trying to be the ‘kryptonite’ to Dwight Howard’s Superman.
  3. On to Chicago, I wanted to give them a look that could introduce a few things missing from their current set like (A) White socks and (B) ‘White Sox’ across the chest. I used the style of the 1982-86 set in order to force management’s hand and have them scrap that terrible throwback (seriously, that look must be adored by someone within the organization with high rank...and poor taste) The Chicago White Sox Statement Uniform: Note: I wanted to give them an AFL-Raiders kinda look. Why? Just cause. Also, shoutout to the entire crew ( @MJD7 , @Carolingian Steamroller ), it was definitely a team effort and especially @coco1997 and @Victormrey for the metallic finish. C&C appreciated.
  4. As a Yankee fan, I would never want Arizona to commemorate that championship. Creating a 5-championship minimum (with the exception of the reigning champion) best mimics the World Cup’s exclusivity. Teams can only win a WC every four years and so even the most dominate nation, Brazil, only has 5 how the most dominant team, the Yankees, would also have 5 stars*. And with 8 countries wearing stars for WC, the MLB list with 7 would be even more exclusive. *at least until Cole Train takes us to 3-peat station, amirite?
  5. @WSU151 @Survival79 @Gothamite How about a star (in team color) for every 5 championships? The Yanks could do a 5-star general star above their logo or simply have 5 stars. Cardinals: 2 stars. Red Sox, A’s, Giants, Dodgers, Pirates, Reds: 1 star... (That’s a pretty elite group) Current champion: 1 golden star the year after championship.
  6. Great series, thank you for not turning my Yanks into the Jets.
  7. Looks like it’s black armbands again for the Yanks in 2020. Rest In Peace, Don Larsen.
  8. Thank you so much. it started off as an accident, I originally intended to have a single green outline representing a leaf, but @coco1997 accidentally colored it green and after a few tweaks, we had it down. I’m very proud of this one. “Ask, and it shall be given you”(Mat 7:7)
  9. Another team changing up their color scheme in the NL East is the Atlanta Braves. Inspired by Atlanta United FC’s “King Peach” kit,in a look sure to satisfy any fan of the local R&B quartet 112,it’s the Atlanta Braves making a Statment with their Signature look.Presenting the “Peaches & Cream” Statement uniform: C&C appreciated. Disclaimer: While similar to @HuntTheJones’ fantastic Atlanta Peaches concept posted a couple of months ago, this design was actually conceived a few months prior (i.e. any similarities are purely coincidental, but also cool).