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  1. Moving along the division... Despite 25 years, 3 color scheme changes, and their only (hopefully my Yankees can keep it that way) World Championship in a different uniform...the Houston Astros’ biggest statement will forever be their ‘tequila sunrise’ look. They could simply wear their throwbacks and call it a day (but which version? The ‘80-‘81, ‘82-‘85, 1986, or the sleeve stripes of the late ‘80’s?) So I decided to create a new uniform combining their most iconic elements from that era in a modern application. Voilà the Astros: C&C appreciated.
  2. They could all honestly work. I think I’d vote for the third because of the continuity with the blue and red, despite going all red for Canada, the Jays remain blue.
  3. Paul Lucas

    MLS 2022

    Great work! Can’t wait to see NYC!
  4. That and the MetroStars completely sold out. In soccer/football your colors and name are ALL you have. They wh*red themselves for a stadium and lost my support with it. It’s like if the Yankees became Coca-Cola NY, changed their logo, dropped the navy & pinstripes, wore red, and moved to Jersey. Yeah, F’ ‘em.
  5. Man, these are all great. Hoping you stick to it, so many great series start off strong and then just die.
  6. Nice work throughout! Are they the “Roma Wolves” (uniforms) or the “Rome Wolves” (title)? I like Roma Wolves.
  7. Love this series! Excellent work. As a Yankee fan, I can tell you the navy with white pinstripes won’t work.
  8. You make Arizona look great!!! Fantastic series, brother.
  9. As a Yankee fan, (swoosh aside) that is just about perfect.
  10. I like the first version of the Nats, but with the outline of the 2nd. Also, the second version of the Braves is definitely an improvement. Excellent work throughout!!!