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    Uniform concepts (especially MLB)
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    More of a traditionalist
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    NEW YORK: Yankees/NYCFC/Giants/Knicks (unfortunately)/Nets. Barça, Águilas Cibaeñas, y El Tri.

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  1. Love it! Love it! Love it! That 1998 All Star set might still be my favorite. Way to go!
  2. Paul Lucas

    MLB by MJD7

    Nice work with all those alts…I’ve always enjoyed how free the Mets could be with their looks in contrast to the Yanks. I would gladly yield to the Met fan, in this one instance, lol. If I may suggest, for that new road alternate could you add an orange brim, but with a silver and orange outline NY?
  3. Paul Lucas

    MLB by MJD7

    Thank you! I feel ya, brother. Also, the Mets look perfect…that black uniform is exactly how I wish they would’ve done it from the start. (Could I suggest the cursive New York on one of the alts so you don’t have 3 jerseys with the ‘same’ wordmark?)
  4. Paul Lucas

    MLB by MJD7

    I get why you would bring back the outline and stripes…and when first introduced, I would’ve been right there with you. But could you maybe show the road without those, for comparison’s sake?
  5. Paul Lucas

    MLB by MJD7

    Lovin’ this series!!!…That Phanatic CC is chef’s kiss!
  6. Oh man, oh man. That Marlins City in Dolphin colors is *chef’s kiss*! Only thing I’d change about that set is the rear numbers on the home to match the wordmark and maybe contrasting the front numbers on the black for set consistency. With that said, I wish Nike/MLB would adapt all these changes…excellent work throughout. P.S. Thank you for fixing the Tigers home & road.
  7. Man, that Senators one is . I’ve seen a lot of Washington concepts, this is great and unique. Excellent work!That Baltimore B is beautiful; classy set. The “B’s” are perfect! Script is spot-on. White sleeve on the Dodgers is a really nice touch and makes everything pop. Lots to love here, looking forward to the rest of the Series.
  8. Great start! Looking forward to the rest of the Series.
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