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  1. All of these are great (minus the shade at the Yanks)!
  2. No wonder I couldn’t find it. Every d*mn, make more, d*mmit. Don’t they keep track of the sales?
  3. I don’t know if anyone mentioned it, but the Yanks are wearing black armbands this year for Mel Stottlemyre (RIP)...
  4. Beautiful work!!! (only change I’d make is change the socks on the all-blue set)
  5. The Twins look great!!! Love the color balance and the blue tint on the road set. Excellent series so far.
  6. Spoiler alert: This is gonna be good!!!
  7. There’s no silver, is there?
  8. This is EXACTLY what the Knicks should look like...wouldn’t change a thing. Will you be featuring alternates?
  9. Since the Red Bulls don’t even play in the State of New York, they can (rightfully) claim NJ. I’d welcome the Cosmos...maybe in Long Island. We could have a situation similiar to the NHL with the Devils, Rangers, and Islanders. Also, excellent work, @GoRedSox! ...and since I just typed those words, I must say, Go Yanks! Beautiful job with the concept. Can’t wait to see unis.
  10. Lovin’ the subtle #NYisBLUE (it most definitely is)
  11. Excellent work, brother. Loving that Tarponized set...all of the Whitecaps looks, for that matter. Also, that first TB Whitecaps monogram is maybe the best of all, love it! Merry Christmas!!!
  12. True, but they could’ve had the Jazz wear yellow underneath and the Blazers in red with white/black underneath. I might be wrong, but I think that could provide some decent contrast.