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  1. I remember this thread from back in the day! Nice to see everything get slowly digitized. Everything so far has a solid, believable look, and I have very few quips/ideas (but still a couple!). With Roses, I adore the thorn striping on the home and the use of rose gold on the clash, but I worry about differentiation of colors. Pink vs white can work as a kit matchup, but it's a little bit of an edge case and you could argue for it either way. I think that Pasadena would benefit the most from having a clash kit with more red - matches with the rose theme, and you could still use the rose gold in a tasteful way. You could honestly flip the colors on the clash kit as they are right now and it could probably work out still! Monterey is class too, the badge has the right amount of modernization, and the kits still pop. Long term, I'm not sure about the flag-themed clash, and I don't envy you - it's a very difficult flag to put on a jersey. My only idea at this point is to look at how other teams incorporate flags on kits and see if anything strikes you. Barca usually finds interesting ways to incorporate the Senyera, and Athletic Bilbao is usually good for a kit based off of the Basque ikurrina. As it stands, though, you could probably stick with this look and most people would be totally fine with it (including me, this is just nitpicking at this point). If you kept the look, maybe a white/black version could work as a theoretical third kit? Beyond those two minor quips, I've got nothing else to say - great job, all around!