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  1. Uniform matchups that never happened

    I know that the Giants wore white at home against the Cowboys in the 1980s, but the current Cowboys blue jerseys has never matched up against the current Giant white jerseys.
  2. Since the Jets home opener isn't until Week 3, I don't think that they will wear white at home at all this year, plus they already wore green vs the Titans this year in their first preseason home game. Last year they wore white at home against the Jaguars in their first preseason home game.
  3. I wished that the Dolphins would wear their throwbacks against the Jets instead of wearing white against them, don't make sense for them to wear their throwbacks against the Bills since they wore them against them last year, they should've opted to wear their regular aqua jerseys for that game
  4. Dallas Cowboys going dark at home?

    Good, i hope that the Cowboys start to wear their blue jerseys at home for all home games, I'm sick and tired of seeing some NFL teams wear white at home
  5. Rare team matchups

    The Giants underachived in 1998 I know they lost Sehorn. to injury but they beat the undefeated Broncos but only finished 8-8 after finishing 10-5-1 in 1997
  6. Why don't the Cowboys just wear blue at home against the Packers like they did on their win on Thanksgiving against the Redskins, The other time they wore blue jerseys this year was a 35-10 win at the Browns, I really don't think that the blue Jersey curse even exist anymore
  7. The Jets will wear white jerseys and white pants at home this week against the Seahawks http://m.newyorkjets.com/news/article-7/GAMEDAY-GUIDE-102-Jets-vs-Seahawks/ed42b94d-bfe2-4a2f-b89d-ec94fe319d5d
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/Browns/status/776793052178448384 Browns are going with white jerseys, brown pants and orange socks at home this week
  9. I hope the Jets wear green this week
  10. Dolphins are wearing aqua jerseys, Falcons are in white jerseys
  11. Bad weather football games

    I can't find any pictures but I remember it snowing in the Saints-Bills game in 1989
  12. 2007 The Cowboys being upset by the Giants in the divisional playoffs after sweeping them in the regular season winning both games by double digits, of course we all kmow what happened after that the Giants wound up pulling off the biggest upset in Super Bowl history beating a Patriots team that came into the game undefeated
  13. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Tony Dorsett Denver Broncos
  14. Redskins white-on-white

    I would love to see the Redskins go back to their white on burgundy look but only on the road. They should go back to wearing burgundy uniforms at home.
  15. According to this link http://www.chicagobears.com/news/ChalkTalk...p?story_id=2415
  16. 2006 NFL Uni Combos

    I believe the Chiefs wore white at home for every home game in during the 1980 season.
  17. NFL white jerseys and ? pants

    NFC: Dallas: Silver Philadelphia: Green N.Y. Giants: Gray Washington: Burgundy Chicago: Navy Minnesota: Purple Detroit: Silver Green Bay: Yellow Carolina: Silver Tampa Bay: Pewter Atlanta: Black New Orleans: Black Seattle: Blue St. Louis: Blue Arizona: White San Francisco: Gold AFC: New England: Silver N.Y. Jets: Green Buffalo: White Miami: White Cincinnati: White Pittsburgh: Yellow Cleveland: Brown Baltimore: Black Indinanapolis: White Houston: Blue Jacksonville: Black Tennessee: Navy Denver: Blue Kansas City: Red San Diego: Navy Oakland: Silver
  18. Jags wearing white vs. Cowboys

    Stupid decision by the Jaguars to wear their white jerseys at home because of heat probably be no factor in this game since this is a 4:15 start instead of a 1 pm start. Plus they are playing a team from Texas anyway so the Cowboys should be used to this weather regardless of what jerseys they are wearing. The Jaguars should take pride in wearing their teal uniforms for this game regardless of the game time temperature.
  19. http://www.bengals.com/team/jersey_colors06.asp
  20. Anybody see the new NFL ref's uniforms?

    The ref's need to go back to the old uniforms because the new ones are horrible.
  21. Cowboys dark uniform

    This is a game the Giants wore white at home against the Cowboys during the 80's.
  22. Who Wore What When

    Week 17 (colors listed as jerseys/pants) Broncos white/white Chargers blue/white Giants white/gray Raiders black/silver Panthers white/white Falcons red/white Lions white/silver Steelers black/yellow Saints white/gold Buccaneers red/pewter Seahawks white/white Packers green/yellow Cardinals white/white Colts blue/white Bengals white/black Chiefs red/white Dolphins white/white Patriots blue/silver Ravens white/white Browns brown/white Bills white/white Jets green/white Titans white/blue Jaguars teal/black Texans white/blue 49ers red/gold Redskins white/white Eagles green/white Bears white/blue Vikings purple/white Rams blue/blue Cowboys white/silver blue
  23. NHL back to Hartford?

    Hartford does not deserve an NHL team period. There are many other cities more deserving of an NHL team than Hartford.
  24. Who Wore What When

    Week 16 (colors listed as jerseys/pants) Chargers white/blue Chiefs red/white Steelers white/yellow Browns brown/white Jaguars white/black Texans blue/white Bills white/white Bengals black/white Titans blue/white Dolphins white/white Cowboys blue/silver Panthers white/white Giants blue/gray Redskins white/white Falcons white/white Buccaneers red/pewter 49ers white/gold Rams blue/gold Lions white/silver Saints black/gold Eagles white/green Cardinals red/white Colts white/white Seahawks blue/blue Raiders white/silver Broncos blue/white Bears white/blue Packers green/yellow Vikings white/white Ravens purple/white Patriots white/blue Jets green/white