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  1. I'd assume the bleachers were still up from the Manchester United match last Saturday. I doubt they'd have those up for the Chargers already, but who knows. They'll fill it. With a lot of other colors besides blue and yellow. I know you've been fully behind this from the start, because that's your wont. But personally, I think this thing will end up being an embarrassment for the Chargers. Sure, fans will get an intimate and up close experience with the Chargers, but it'll be the other teams' fans. Not the thread for this discussion, but that's my quick thought. Totally. There's going to be the difference of being an MLS franchise in Los Angeles County and being Los Angeles' MLS franchise. LAFC looks and feels like they're doing all the right things (including aligning themselves with the USL's Orange County SC, coming at the Galaxy from the South and a grassroots level). I've seen more casual LAFC hats than I have of any sort of Galaxy merch, including the Beckham years. I can't wait to see it in action. Yes, the Galaxy have been winners and have always brought in the star talent, but, idk, there's never felt like there's that much there there. If LAFC can make themselves compelling out of the gate, the Galaxy might be on their way to being the MLS Chargers.
  2. So here's an interesting find from the UK. It's officially licensed NHL stuff (supposedly, the guy said he gave it a full look over) but I've never seen anything like it. I also don't know what to make of it.
  3. LZ Granderson on ESPN's SportsNation says that the Nashville Predators moved from Atlanta and were the Thrashers. No one on the panel corrected him. (LINK) ESPN and hockey, folks.
  4. This. Amen. Sometimes a stripe is just a stripe, and in UCLA's case it just happened to be a stripe that looked good enough to endure the decades. It doesnt need some meaning retroactively attached to it. But yes, congratulations to Under Armour and UCLA for making UCLA's football team look like a proper UCLA football team. See Adidas? Not that difficult. Now here's to another high preseason ranking going down the drain in another fiery death spiral for the Bruins
  5. Correct
  6. Each room will have a "window" with a view of "space" (Basically, no windows with outside views lol)
  7. The Millenium Falcon ride. yes. And the Resistance vs First Order/Battle Escape ride will take you into a replica of a Star Destroyer launch bay
  8. So the Devils signed their No. 1 pick and unveiled him with his number on a jersey... a jersey with a hem stripe.... a Reebok jersey with a hemstripe... Heh.
  9. This stuff just takes my breath away. Incredible.
  10. This is... amazing. I can not wait until this opens. It's like... It's like it's real. Like it's a real place. A place I can go to. The world of Star Wars would be that close to real, to being lived in. I almost can't believe it. It's a dream.
  11. The eye is ugly. The numbers are off center. No thank you.
  12. Yeah, no Ultron was not good. Here's the full list off the top of my head in order of movie releases to date: Iron Man - Obidiah Stane (He was fine. If Ten Rings set up had actually paid off in Iron Man 3, this would've been retroactively amazing) Incredible Hulk - Abomination (meh) Iron Man 2 - Whiplash (not great) Thor - Loki (great) Captain America - Red Skull (good) Avengers - Loki/Chitauri (Great again/whatever) Iron Man 3 - Aldrich Killian (meh, again Mandarin actually as Mandarin would've been amazing) Thor 2 - Malekith/Dark Elves (No) Captain America 2 - Winter Solider/Hydra (Very good. I even like Redford here.) Guardians of the Galaxy - Ronan (Fine? Another McGuffin villain) Avengers 2 - Ultron (not good) Ant-Man - Yellowjacket (Actually pretty good. I liked this.) Cap 3: Civil War - Zemo (Meh, him as "big bad" is undermined by the real fight being being Cap and Iron Man. Plus, convoluted plan.) Doctor Strange - Kaecillius/Dormamu (Meh. One is a minion/plot device, the other is a giant glowing head) Guardians 2 - Ego (Actually really good) Spider-Man - Vulture (Really good) So in listing them, I've come to realization of why most aren't that good. The villains are either just a McGuffin/plot device or they get undermined by some sort of twist. I think I'd extend the list of good villains to Loki, Vulture, Ego, Red Skull, Winter Soldier (despite his turn, he is the villain in that movie) and I liked Yellowjacket. Also, when going through them, the Marvel movies are usually more about the hero themselves rather than the villain. The only time the villain has mattered in the Marvel movies have been the Avengers films, because the villain needs to be a big enough threat to get them all together.
  13. If anybody was interested in picking up Reebok Kings stuff, their Team LA Store is having a pretty nice sale through July 23 - LINK Last year's home and roads are $60. The gold throwback alt is $45. Then there's a bunch of other crap, but actually pretty good sales prices. (Although one could argue the $80 polo shirts being knocked down to $30 is just putting them at the price they should've always been.)
  14. Shotgun advertising. Really hitting all the demos.
  15. Still better than: San Jose assigns Cam Gord to San Jose
  16. I thought JJ and LC were good enough for Season 2s. Again they each provide something different to the Netflixverse along with Daredevil, while Iron Fist really doesn't. And there's plenty of ground to cover with JJ/LC, I think, whereas Iron Fist didn't give me anything I want to retread despite the giant, hit-you-over-the-head "THIS IS SEASON 2's PLOT" ending. But I hope Iron Fist becomes like the Hulk is to the movie side, or even how Luke Cage was in JJ. Shows up in the Avengers/Defenders or alongside others in their own movie/show, but doesn't get his own enterprise again. Going forward, you're going to get plenty of things intertwined on the TV side, I think. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones eventually have to get married. Luke Cage and Iron Fist shared their own book for years. Daredevil and Iron Fist have a common enemy in the Hand. But yeah, when you add in the Punisher's own series, Marvel's Netflix and New York City get plenty crowded.
  17. Can't be worse than Iron Fist (probably could.) With the Defenders coming up, I finally got around to charging through all the non-Daredevil Marvel Netflix endeavors. Jessica Jones: A+ -- I may actually like this more than Daredevil. Such a great character piece. Loved the noir aspects. The way they played the "former superhero" aspects and how they treated her powers in relation to the actual narrative itself. Just so well done. Luke Cage: B -- I did like this a lot, but it was definitely helped by introducing Luke in Jessica Jones. It hit a mid season lull, and had a tiny "who's the real villain" problem. But I liked the aesthetic, and the characters were well rounded and fun to see on screen. With Luke's powers, it could've very easily had a Superman problem of "well how the hell do you stop this guy?" I guess you could say the Super bullets were his Kryptonite, but the storylines and narrative all made up for it. Iron Fist: C- -- Sigh... man. This show was totally done just because they had to for the Defenders, right? It definitely gives off the vibe of it, and a rushed production. All the other Netflix shows have had a niche, and a direction, and kind of a genre they were filling (Daredevil action show, Jessica Jones character-driven noir, Luke Cage cool 70s vibe fighting for the underdog.), but Iron Fist didn't have that to me. It could've been the mystic king fu show, but it missed that mark. For a king fu show, the fight scenes were incredibly lacking.Big "who's the villain" problem. Big character likeability problem. Why do I like Danny Rand? Why do I care? What is he trying to do? Far too much time spent on Danny Rand trying to prove he's Danny Rand by telling people he's Danny Rand. Oh, and did you know Danny Rand is the Iron Fist? Because he is the Iron Fist. The Iron Fist is Danny Rand. Danny Rand is the Iron Fist. Who is Danny Rand? He is the Iron Fist. WE KNOW. And all that stuff with the Meachem's and the business, like, I get that it was probably necessary, but woof. Dooooo nottttttt carrrrreeee. Biggest redeemable parts are Colleen Wing (although her turn late in the season was concerning, narrative wise. Badly handled.) and Rosario Dawson as always. Despite Iron Fist's sour taste, I'm still very excited for the Defenders. I watched the trailer again after seeing all the shows finally, and I got much more of the "coming together and can't wait" vibe like I got waiting for the Avengers. Let's see how it goes
  18. Wow, turns out that Thornton/Marleau package deal was a wrong thought, eh? Marleau to the Leafs for 3 years, $6.25M per. That is... bad.
  19. It's also why it's been 24 years since their last Cup win for a team that had won at least one in every decade prior and won't win one in the near future. This limiting mindset has killed the Montreal Canadiens. And signing any goalie age 27+ to an 8-year contract... you're just asking for something to happen.
  20. A little pee came down my leg
  21. It's not even that they'll look awful on their own (they will), but they're going to look even worse about a month in when they're all scuffed to hell. Especially the centers.
  22. Ladies and gents, white gloves are a go
  23. So, it's his fault the rest of the team sucked? To say flat out that he doesn't deserve it is a bit much. Admittedly, I always thought he was a borderline candidate, and I'm not naive enough to say that his induction doesn't have anything to do with Selanne being inducted this year too. That narrative certainly helped his cause. Plus the discussion started by Lindros the year before and Pavel Bure's case as well probably helped push it forward. All that aside, he has his qualifications. Put up a point-per-game pace, 989 points in 989 games, most of which in the trap era. 100 points twice (99 points in 69 games in 96-97) in a career that, much like Lindros and his induction last year, was just destroyed by injuries. In that 96-97 season (52-goal, 117-point 82-game pace), he missed 13 games due to injury (1st concussion by Matthieu Schneider, and abdominal strain). In 1997-98, he was limited to just 22 games with 17 goals and 31 points (63-goal, 115-point 82-game pace). Now 32 of those games were for contract holdout, so even in 50 games that's 38 goals, 70 points, but Kariya missed the Olympics and the final 3 months of the season with a concussion from Gary Suter. Just those two seasons is potentially 57 points and 29 goals lost. He did post 101 points the season after, but he was up and down forever after that Suter concussion. (And as great as his 2003 "off the floor, on the board" moment was, we all know Stevens damn near killed him.) He lost a season due to lockout, and only played 11 games in 2008-09 (a hip injury against the Ducks, coincidentally, on a hit from behind) and ended his career the next season sighting post-concussion syndrome, not that hip injury. Basically, had he not been kabonged a couple times, Kariya could've had close to 1,200 points in his NHL career, add in some self sabotage with the 32-game holdout and the full season lockout. And with precedents set by Eric Lindros and Pavel Bure, Paul Kariya has the qualifications to be up there with those guys. Not to mention his freshman season at Maine (100 points in 39 games, first freshman to win the Hobey Baker), World Junior Gold, World Championship Gold (and silver), Olympic Gold (and silver). It is the *hockey* hall of fame after all, not just the NHL hall of fame. If he had never gotten his call to the hall, I would've understood. He is on that borderline. But to flat out say he doesn't deserve it? That's harsh.
  24. Hall. Of. Famers. Beautiful.