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  1. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    After a rough opening, LAFC take advantage of a man-down Montreal. Finish the season-opening road trip at a fantastic 4-2. And finally, next Sunday, the Los Angeles Football Club will play the first-ever MLS home game in Los Angeles. L-A! 👏🏻 👏🏻 F-C!
  2. The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    Randy Carlyle hasn’t been fired because, apparently, all signs point to him returning with the Ducks next season. El. Oh. El. ing why!?!? Did they not watch those four games?!?! Yes, okay, managed to “helm” an injury ravaged team to another 100 point season and snagged home-ice advantage in the playoffs. Okay, cool, but the Ducks have done that before even when they were completely healthy for a full season. Carlyle was brought back for exactly one thing: winning in the playoffs. The Ducks did make the West Final last year and finally won that elusive Game 7 and maybe/probably would have at least forced another Game 7 had Gibson not been injured and had Bernier not crapped his pants in Game 6. But those four games against the Sharks were inexcusable. The Ducks looked slow, disorganized, undisciplined and worst of all completely unmotivated at the worst time. How is that acceptable? I do not understand that. I wasn’t going to advocate for firing Bob Murray yet, but if his stance was Randy was fine and not accountable for that performance? Fire the both of them
  3. The Sports Media Thread

    Oh my ing God, why??? Both the length of the story and the headline, ing what???
  4. The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    Day 2: Randy Carlyle has still not been fired by the Anaheim Ducks. I figured the Flames and Brian Burke fired Gulutzan now because they knew something...
  5. 2018 MLS Kits

    Right. It's bad enough that Cincinnati is already "Futbol Club" instead of "Football Club". This next step is for sure taking it too far.
  6. My thing with Vegas fans is that they've been pretty smug from the start ("See! We did deserve a team! Not only did we deserve a team, we deserved the best team! We're such good fans! We deserve it all! The House always wins!"), and there's been nothing, nothing, to knock them down a peg and show them what the NHL is actually like. The NHL is pain. The NHL is misery. The NHL is agony. The NHL is getting swept on the Golf Channel. I'd say there hasn't been an OITGDNHL moment for Vegas yet, but Vegas is an OITGDNHL moment.
  7. Nope. Nothing. The Ducks were not better than the Sharks in any single area in this series. The Sharks were the entirely better team in this series, top to bottom, no exceptions. Hats off. For the Ducks, I’m for any and all moves they make. Whoever they want to fire, do it. Whoever they want to trade, do it. Carlyle being gone is an absolute must, and I am in support of literally anything else they want to do. But firing Carlyle is the baseline. There needs to be change. Literally any change will be good change. —— All in for Winnipeg-Columbus Final. Let’s do it.
  8. That was an irony not lost on me. It took nine playoff games and 19 years for Winnipeg/Atlanta to win *a* playoff game. Vegas already won four in just four tries. It's one thing to be good relatively quick (see 1996 Florida Panthers), but generally, you still have to do a little work. It takes a couple years, you come in as a low seed, maybe get an upset here or there. You earn that. Vegas has *earned* nothing. Yes, they had to play the games and all that, but what they are was essentially handed to them. There's no appreciation for how hard it actually is to be successful in this league. Let's just look at modern NHL expansion (1991-present) San Jose Sharks (1991) First season: Last in NHL, 15-58-5T First playoffs: Year 3; 8th seed; 7-game win over No. 1 Red Wings in First Round; Lost in 7 games to Maple Leafs in 2nd Round. First Division Title: Year 11 (2001-02) First Sweep: 2013 First Round vs Canucks Ottawa Senators (1992) First season: T-Last in NHL, 10-70-4T First playoffs: Year 7; 7th seed, 7-game loss to Buffalo First playoff series win: 1997 First Round vs Devils First Division Title: Year 7 (1998-99) First Sweep: Never Tampa Bay Lightning (1992) First season: 3rd Last in NHL, 23-54-7T First playoffs: Year 4; 8th seed, 6-game loss to No. 1 Flyers in First Round First playoff series win: 2003 First Round vs Capitals First Division Title: Year 11 (2002-03) First Sweep: 2004 Second Round vs Canadiens Florida Panthers (1993) First season: 9th in East, 36-36-12T (1 pt from playoffs) First playoffs: Year 3; 4th seed; Eastern Conference Champion, Swept by Avalanche in Cup Final First playoff series win: 1996 First Round vs Bruins First Division Title: Year 18 (2011-12) First Sweep: Never Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (1993) First season: 9th in West, 33-46-5T (11 pts from playoffs) First playoffs: Year 4, 4th seed; 7-game win vs Coyotes, Swept by Red Wings First playoff series win: 1997 First Round vs Coyotes First Division Title: Year 13, (2006-07) First Sweep: 2003 First Round vs Red Wings Nashville Predators (1998) First season: 5th Last in NHL, 12th in West, 23-47-12T First playoffs: Year 6; 8th seed, 6-game loss to Red Wings First playoff series win: 2011 First Round vs Ducks (Their 6th playoff series!) First Division Title: Year 19 (2017-18, this year) First Sweep: 2017 First Round vs Blackhawks Atlanta Thrashers (1999) / Winnipeg Jets (2011) First season: Last in NHL, 14-57-7T-4OTL First playoffs: Year 7, 3rd seed, Swept by Rangers First playoff series win: Never First Division TItle: Year 7 (2006-07) First Sweep: Never Columbus Blue Jackets (2000) First season: 6th last in NHL, 13th in West, 28-39-13T-5OTL First playoffs: Year 8, 7th seed, Swept by Red Wings First playoff series win: Never First Division Title: Never First Sweep: Never Minnesota Wild (2000) First season: 5th last in NHL, 14th in West, 25-39-13T-5OTL First playoffs: Year 3; 7th seed; Western Conference Final First playoff series win: 2003 First Round vs Avalanche First Division Title: Year 7 (2007-08) First Sweep: Never --- Best case scenario for Vegas was something like Minnesota, Anaheim, Florida, San Jose. Make the playoffs in maybe your third year, get in as a lower seed, maybe even win a series in an upset, be happy with your accomplishment. Work hard, build something up, earn your stripes. Vegas has upset the apple cart, and not in a "we're flipping the system, man!" sort of way. If I was an NHL owner or GM, I'd be livid. Even more so knowing we're going to deal with it again in a couple years for Seattle.
  9. The Kings are the first team eliminated. 3 goals scored. Shutout twice. Vegas is the first team to advance. 7 goals scored. Two 1-goal shutout wins. Not what I expected.
  10. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Ugh, on two fronts. 1) They were Futbol Club not Football Club? 2) They're going to be Fussball Club not Football Club? Trying too hard.
  11. Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and count this one as over. I truly can't name a single thing that the Ducks did in the first three games that I can latch onto and say, "well if we can just do that then we've got a shot to come all the way back!" Say what you will about previous their previous playoff failures, but at least they would battle. I haven't seen that. This is a team that needs a cleanse. Honestly, I'd prefer if they just got it done quickly too. Don't make us all have to show up on Friday, pay for parking, pay for food, pay for drink, take up our time. If you're gonna blow it, just blow it.
  12. Nope. Just not ing happening. Ducks doing everything wrong. Sharks doing everything right.
  13. NHL 2018-19

    I like that the collar isn't simply cut with scissors or ripped, that it's custom cut with the trim and everything. Brilliant haha
  14. 2018 MLB Season

    Because of all this damn cold weather the rest of the country is experiencing that postponed the Angels/Royals game on Sunday, Shohei Sundays are now Ohtani Tuesdays. Stupid snow.... pushing back his start, pushing back his at-bats, rabble rabble rabble. He'll throw against the Red Sox on Tuesday.
  15. Technically, yes. But it's usually referred to the employees at Disney Parks because they're "putting on a show."
  16. Yeah, it's... not fun to experience. I don't know what the hell their deal is, sometimes. Almost like they're weird adrenaline junkies that need to be pushed to the absolute edge to feel anything. Only when their backs are against the wall and in a tough environment, only then can they play to their ability. This will now be the 4th time in five years they've been down 2-0 at home. 2014 vs LA (7 game loss), 2016 vs Nashville (7 game loss), 2017 vs Edmonton (7 game win). See if they can't push it to 7 games again, I guess. But this one is different to me. It's obvious how much this group misses Cam Fowler. Calming presence at the back end that can move the puck out of the zone by himself, find the open man, run a power play even a little bit. The Ducks' 3rd D pairing and 4th line have been eaten alive in this series. And really, at the end of it, San Jose has just been better. The Ducks haven't been good enough and underperformed to be sure, but the Sharks came to play. I've also found a new appreciation for the skills of Brent Burns. Holds that puck at the line and generate blue line offense with the best of them. Can the Ducks come back? Sure. They can. They could even win the series. Not that I was really before, but I'm still not dancing around with any realistic Cup dreams. Carlyle needs to go, and there's some spare parts on this team that could use some stripping off.
  17. As @the admiral pointed out up thread and hit it on the head when it comes to how those two have played the name game. The Angels aspire to cast that larger net. Arte Moreno wanted the scope of the Angels to encompass "Los Angeles" as a greater entity. The Ducks have tried to carve out their specific niche. The Angels want to draw from Orange County, Long Beach, Riverside, South Bay, San Bernardino, and of course actual Los Angeles... if they could. Moreno has tried efforts to push into the heart of actual LA (the long fight over the name, rumblings of moving the team to a new stadium in LA proper, billboards in Los Angeles), but as far as I can tell, that hasn't exactly been the case, and it still and always will deal with geography. As much as Arte wants the Angels to be Los Angeles, LA proper is still true blue Dodger country. Yes, you get mixings further south into the South Bay cities and into Long Beach. I'd say the Angels have Orange and Riverside counties. But if we're talking about greater LA, the Angels aren't going to crack it. You're not going to be an baseball fan up in Thousand Oaks and deal with the two-hour trek through traffic to see an Angel game in Anaheim on any regular basis. You're going to be a Dodger fan. Generally speaking, the Angels know their problem, too. Aside from the throwback caps and historical stuff, you're not going to find too many references to "Los Angeles" around the Angels. They are marketed as Angels Baseball. They are branded as Angels Baseball. They're not stupid enough to alienate the people they live with. The Ducks have had smaller ambitions. They've pushed Orange County from the start, and definitely moreso since the Disney sale/identity change. Their playoff marketing campaign has been "Paint It Orange" for a reason. And none of this has seemed to push off Riverside County, either. There's a strong Ducks contingent that way. "Anaheim" hasn't hurt the Ducks locally, and "Los Angeles Ducks" would never make a dent. Honestly, it'd be an awful marketing attempt that'd make Kings fans salivate for the opportunities to harass Ducks fans. The Ducks simply aren't, haven't been and won't ever be anything "Los Angeles". Final point, I know this has become long. No to "Orange County" as a name for the Angels or Ducks. Anything "county" just comes off as so damn minor leauge. Yeah, someone was right to say that's how we identify, but it sounds stupid in sports naming convention terms. And chopping it to just "Orange" would be worse, and even stupider considering there is an actual city of Orange right next door to Anaheim. Despite the county name, the city of Orange is even less in cultural relevance.
  18. Point of order, because it's come up here, as of last season, the Angels are now officially just the "Los Angeles Angels". No more "of Anaheim" (fortunately, and unfortunately.) It was part of Arte Moreno's negotiation on a new lease with the City of Anaheim. The stadium will retain the name "Angel Stadium of Anaheim" and the team is the "Los Angeles Angels". Also, the Angels changed their name from California to Anaheim and the Ducks were the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim due to Disney ownership. Obviously, Disney with Disneyland was trying to market them all as Anaheim under their Disney corporate umbrella. (Technically speaking, Angels and Mighty Ducks players at the time were designated as "cast members" in the same way that Disneyland employees are. Sigh... Dark times, in retrospect.) Also Also, it wasn't part of the lease originally, but in a relatively recent lease negotiation between the Ducks and Anaheim, it was put in the Honda Center lease that any team that plays there has to be known with "Anaheim" with the main city identifier. There was specific language to avoid any sort of "of Anaheim" situation again. They will be the Anaheim Ducks for the long foreseeable future.
  19. Jeez, it was a miracle we got everybody there mostly on time for pick drop. One step at a time! (Seriously, there was an accident at the Orange Crush.) But yeah, that happens when the team isn’t generating much of anything and you get three goals scored on you in 8 minutes. What exactly would you have liked us to “get lively about”? Anyways. Flush it. Play again Saturday.
  20. Nashville in 5 Winnipeg in 6 ------- Winnipeg in 6 Los Angeles in 5 ---- Anaheim in 6 ------------ Winnipeg in 6 Anaheim in 6 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Winnipeg in 6 Washington in 6 Pittsburgh in 5 -------- Washington in 7 ------- Washington in 7 Tampa Bay in 6 ------- Tampa Bay in 7 Toronto in 6
  21. Ohhhh boy. American hockey fans, we are in for a treat. The first round TV schedule is out now. Not only will we get games on NBC and NBCSN. Not only will we get games on NHL Network, CNBC and USA Network. For the first time, the Stanley Cup Playoffs come to... The Golf Channel. Yes. On April 18, Lightning/Devils Game 4 and Ducks/Sharks Game 4 will be broadcast nationally in the United States on The Golf Channel. This league. Another new high.
  22. 2018 MLB Season

    As soon as Fox Sports West put up "Perfect Through 6 Innings" on the score graphic, I knew it was over. Ah well. Ohtani still retired 27 consecutive Oakland A's batters from the end of his last start to through this one. A hit on the first major league pitch he saw. Back-to-back-to-back days with a home run. Two wins. 12 Ks in 7 innings of 1-hit baseball. Welcome to the Sho.
  23. 2018 MLB Season

    Yeah. Kinda, sorta.
  24. I’m really just as amazed as you this time. The Ducks lost significant time this season from Ryan Getzlaf, Ryan Kesler, Hampus Lindholm, Sami Vatanen (pre-Henrique trade), Cam Fowler, Kevin Bieksa (a plus, really), Patrick Eaves, and short stints of John Gibson. Through all that, they end up with home ice and only 8 points out of the division lead. Had they been healthy all year? This would’ve been another walk. The Ducks’ season was saved by guys like Derek Grant. Barely an NHL 4th-liner with 86 games played over five seasons with four teams for a measly 6 points and a -16, Grant was tasked with significant fist line minutes in the first half and ended up with 66 games played and 12 goals, 12 assists and a +3. Also incredible play from John Gibson, embracing the top scorer role for Rickard Rakell, a breakout year by Ondrej Kase and a great infusion from Adam Henrique. As well as a strong and evenly balanced defense. ——— Also, good god am I glad that the Ducks really pulled themselves up by the bootstraps at the end there to avoid a first-round date with Nashville. Gah. Couldn’t deal with all that nonsense again.