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  1. Things that are the way they are... just "because"

    Just to be that guy...grey facemasks
  2. Vintage College Mascot Logos

    Pretty much, but would be used to decorate things, like you would with stickers.
  3. I saw your BC concept and was wondering where you got their numbers from. Is it a font, or did you create them on your own?

    Could you point me in the right direction?


  4. Other Design Help

    Don't group them. Use the pathfinder tool and combine them. This will create one, whole shape with only one outline. Here's a link that does a better job describing it than me. (Step1)
  5. Searching for your 'whale'

    That is awesome. Where did you go for that?
  6. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial
  7. Templates Requests

    send me a PM and i'll send you one if you need it.
  8. Templates Requests

    PM me, I have one straight off of Laxworld. I have it in vector and raster, just let me know what you need.
  9. Los Angeles Clippers Concept

    My fellow Virginian, your concept is phenomenal as usual...keep it up
  10. Templates Requests

    Chazberg, do you have a copy of the template you just created? i'd love to use it.
  11. Basketball Bulldog

    i like it, but i agree about the ears. make them the floopy kind like the pictures above, and it should look really good.
  12. Basketball Bulldog

    i was just about to post that until i read your post...
  13. Maryland Terps Football

    that's too much like their basketball jerseys if you ask me... i liked where you went the first time...this one just seems to busy for me. i guess i would add more black since the school's colors are technically black and red. but i love the white helmet, but i think atleast one stripe would look good.
  14. cagefighters logo

    well, i think you're headed in the right direction, just keep working on it until its exactly what you want
  15. Cougar Logo

    i say keep the colors, and make a jersey with them. then if you decide that they aren't what you wanted, you can change them.