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  1. 2015 Fantasy Football Thread

    Needed 40 from Alshon and Bennett, got 37.
  2. 2015 Fantasy Football Thread

    So I did not pull the trigger on the Lacy/Edelman trade but I was offered another one today. Marshawn Lynch and Mike Evans for Julian Edelman. Any thoughts? And unfortunately I was too far back in the waivers to get C. West but I did pick up Kniles Davis.
  3. 2015 Fantasy Football Thread

    I'm one of many trying to figure out what to do to replace Jamaal Charles. I almost never trade but have someone offering Eddie Lacy for Julian Edelman. Here are the rest of my rb's & wr's: RB: Mark Ingram, LeGarrette Blount, Rashad Jennings, Kniles Davis WR:Julian Edelman, Alshon Jeffery, John Brown, Sammy Watkins, Leonard Hankerson, Mike Wallace It's a .5 ppr league and just looking for some unbiased opinion before I pull the trigger.
  4. 2013-14 NHL Season: "We Are North American Scum"

    Here is another you can add to the folder.

    Is Clemnson that overrated or is Florida State really that dominate? Great win for the Devils today. When the offense is clicking like they were today they are such a fun team to watch. Also really glad to see UCLA go down today.
  6. 2013-14 NHL Season: "We Are North American Scum"

    You may have an obsession. Do you have your own special Mike Smith .gif folder?
  7. 2013-14 NHL Season: "We Are North American Scum"

    Coyotes finish the Red Wing sweep (albeit the only 2 games they pay each other) with an empty net goal for Mike Smith with 0.1 left. Great way to come back after letting one slip away last night against the Ducks!
  8. 2013-14 NHL Season: "We Are North American Scum"

    Watching the start of the Phx/Det game and there are quite a few empty seats in the 'Joe' tonight. Looks like it's time to move the Red Wings to Canada!
  9. 2013-14 NHL Season: "We Are North American Scum"

    How dare people not show up until the puck drops! Not like you actually care but it looks pretty full to me right now. Of course since there are some Rangers fans there I'm sure your response will just be "Lolz looks like an away game"
  10. I Care About Your Fantasy Team

    Double Post. whoops
  11. I Care About Your Fantasy Team

    So my running backs ended up doing next to nothing last week for me. Thankfully I was able to win but am I crazy for thinking about starting all 3 again? This is how my team looks currently WR: Reggie Wayne, Dez Bryant, Denarius Moore, Dwayne Bowe, Pierre Garcon RB: Reggie Bush, Willis McGahee, Ryan Matthews, Felix Jones I have to start 2 RB's and 3 WR's with 1 Flex spot. I am a bit worried in the RB department but with Bush playing such a bad defense in Bufallo I feel I have to start him even though that means locking him in for the Thursday night game. And when it comes to McGahee and Matthews I don't know which one I would pick over the other. Any thoughts on who I should start?
  12. I Care About Your Fantasy Team

    I would go with Bradshaw. Jennings obviously has the better matchup but its just so hard to trust anyone on the Jags. Any input on who I should start?
  13. I Care About Your Fantasy Team

    I am up in the air on a couple WR slots and my Flex spot as well. I wont list the people I am for sure starting but I would like some input on who I should start. WR's (Pick 2) Dez Bryant (@ Phi), Dwyane Bowe (@ Pit), Denarius Moore (@ Bal) At RB I think I am starting Reggie Bush (vs Ten) and Willis McGahee (@ Car) but I am not sure if I should start Ryan Matthews (@ TB) at the flex or start the other WR above.
  14. I Care About Your Fantasy Team

    I would go with Decker, Welker and Colston. The RB's are a bit closer I think regardless of the projected points. I might be a bit biased having McGahee myself but I would start him over Spiller. The only thing I am beginning to worry about with McGahee is how much the Bronocos seem to pass with Peyton in goaline stations.