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  1. Ah. True enough.
  2. Ill-fated? I think the court turned out great. It's not perfect, but it fits the school's new identity very well. Traditional from a distance and very modern up close. Same as the football uniforms, football stadium, basketball arena.
  3. Don't forget:
  4. Then help a brother out. Trying to post a twitter post with video/pics of TCU's new unis.
  5. Looks like the old Nike template for Mizzou. I don't recall the name. Wake, Baylor and others also used it.
  6. TCU will, apparently, have a matte white helmet option this season:
  7. For comparison, the chrome frog skin helmets TCU has run $1,000 per.
  8. Eeek. City is going to look terrible next year.
  9. That is part of the Jordan Brand/Neymar collaboration that was announced this morning:
  10. Wow, that City shirt is terrible. And it will look even worse with blue shorts and white socks. At first I was disappointed United left Nike for adidas, but after what Nike has put out the last couple of years vs. what adidas has, not so much anymore.
  11. Texas cleats for next season: