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  1. Baltimore's monochrome purple was fantastic. Most players wore black socks, some wore white, but either choice was better than purple socks. For me, the is how to do monochrome...the socks must be a different color.
  2. I definitely liked the white facemask over the gray facemask, however the brown looks better than both of them.
  3. I fixed that mis-type for you! Seriously though, that looks great, but leave the Facemask brown.
  4. I believe it is because of that new logo. I am still not a fan of it, but their uniforms are better now that they got rid of the navy.
  5. Week 2 Uniforms: Duke Blue Devils Missouri Tigers: Marshall Thundering Herd: Miami Redhawks: Rice Owls:
  6. Week 2 Uniforms: Utah Utes: Boise State Broncos: Vanderbilt Commodores: Nevada Wolf Pack: Syracuse Orange: Cincinnati Bearcats:
  7. They have definitely grown on me. Although I wish they used this color with the old template, with that being said, this is still a nice looking uniform.
  8. I like traditional uniforms with stripes. For the Oregon uniform last night I thought it looked like crap. You couldn’t even see the wings on the helmet unless the camera did a close-up. The green was way too dark and looked black. The plain pants are dull. Overall I’d give the look a 2 out of 10
  9. Those are a 1,000,000x better!!! Upgrade!!!
  10. The yellow definitely looks better with the powder blue uniforms. I'd like to see them wear the navy facemask when they wear the white jersey/white pants or white jersey/navy pants combo.
  11. The Cowboys uniform is a top-five look when they wear the navy tops. This makes me happy.,
  12. I agree....but I feel like people want the Houston Oilers logo back so bad that they will accept anything similar to it.