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  1. Right? Where has that been said? I hope they don't go back to red and keep blue as the primary.
  2. Great list of biggest is #5. They had some of the best pants in the league, now they look like Arena Football uniforms:
  3. I love the color rush jersey and believe if you change the white stripes to silver and then pair it with silver pants with a red-silver-red stripe pattern it would work.
  4. Haha, you hate the monochrome look just like I hate the gray facemask on uniforms without gray. I don't believe neither of us will ever change as we have opposite opinions on the topics.
  5. Change the helmet back to silver, then swap the white stripes with silver and you have a winner. Lose the red jersey and pants.
  6. Back in 2014, when the Buccaneers made their changes, they initially said the changes would be small. Then we got to see the atrocious clock numbers and the rest of the hideous uniform to go with it. I hope for the love of Patriots Nation that the Pats remove the red piping and/or use the Color Rush template as their new uniform.
  7. The all-black and all-white sets would be tolerable if they used different colored socks. However they won't and it will be way to much of one color on the uniform. This coming from a fan of the monochrome look, however, in order for a monochrome look to be good, the socks MUST be a different color. Otherwise, it is pure trash!
  8. This looks good, but the silver facemask needs to be changed or add silver pants to tie it together.
  9. Change the facemask to maroon or white and you have a great looking uniform.
  10. I'd be okay with a throwback gray facemask as long as it is not worn full-time.
  11. Please when they say helmet, they mean the whole helmet! I love the brown facemask and we don't need another horrible gray facemask in the league.
  12. Remove the gray facemask Remove the collar on the white and orange jersey Change the numbers to white on the brown and orange jersey Add some striped socks
  13. Put the Flying Elvis logo on the uniform and you have a great looking set.
  14. One man's boring is another man's perfect.
  15. I so miss the shiny fabric on the pants...the material that Nike uses can destroy a uniform look instantly.