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  1. Not me. I love the orange pants on the road and at home. It takes me back to the Brian Sipe days, you know, back when the Browns looked fantastic.
  2. Heck no, I hate the Jaguars new look. All they needed to do was change the helmet and they would've been fine. Now they are just boring! Plain white pants is so PeeWee and High School football!
  3. Any pants stripe is better than plain any day in my book. There are way too many teams with plain pants these days.
  4. Me too. It was their best looking uniform since the Brian Sipe era. I love the orange pants on the road and brown jersey/orange pants at home....with the white facemask of course.
  5. I am not sure that will ever happen. I understand that Spanos senior died and he preferred the navy. I wonder if his son has those same feelings?
  6. This is interesting, for the first time in 50 years, both NFL Super Bowl cities also played in the World Series.
  7. Apparently only Montreal is changing for 2019 based on this article:
  8. I'd prefer the double stripes through all the uniform similar to how WKU once did it, but I am okay with the current look (outside of the facemask).
  9. If you have seen the uniform, can you confirm if the pants have stripes?
  10. I like some of these jackets: Atlanta Legends: Orlando Apollos: San Antonio Commanders: Memphis Express: San Diego Fleet: Arizona Hotshots: Birmingham Iron: Salt Lake Stallions:
  11. The number on a side of the helmet trend needs to die! Unless you are Alabama or Georgia Southern, no numbers should be put on a helmet.
  12. A few uniform looks for this weekend: Syracuse: Miss. State: Tulane: Georgia Tech: Central Florida: North Texas: New Bearcats Helmet: