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  1. Thanks for everyone who brought the survey total from 40 to 84 responses. The results are below:
  2. Maybe not, but that is the way we included it in the survey. Not one person that took the survey questioned why they were in there. So I am fine leaving them as is.
  3. They changed to the white helmet and white pants, so a few of my friends suggested we add them to the survey.
  4. Change the facemask to white or brown and you have a winner.
  5. 1000x better the the original
  6. I have a survey for this question if anyone would like to take it. With 40 responses, the grades so far are: Grade B: 2018 Dolphins 2017 Lions 2012 Seahawks 2018 Jaguars 2013 Vikings Grade C 2017 Rams 2013 Dolphins Grade D 2019 Jets Grade F 2014 Buccaneers 2013 Jaguars 2015 Browns 2018 Titans
  7. No, because they have never done it before. I wish they did for the Titans embarassement last year.
  8. The Cowboys, Giants, Lions, Raiders, and Titans use gray properly because they use gray/silver in the color scheme. The 49ers, Bills, Cardinals, and Colts however do not use gray properly, thus it needs to be a team color to make the case to wear it. Otherwise it comes across as a peewee mask and the teams look cheap wearing them.
  9. That depends on who you are talking too....I am not going to start another debate oldschoolvikings...but not everyone agrees with your stance on this matter.
  10. This is what I said about the Jaguars latest set. I believe the modern trend is plain and boring.
  11. Florida is joining the April Fools Day prank
  12. Not me. I love the orange pants on the road and at home. It takes me back to the Brian Sipe days, you know, back when the Browns looked fantastic.
  13. Heck no, I hate the Jaguars new look. All they needed to do was change the helmet and they would've been fine. Now they are just boring! Plain white pants is so PeeWee and High School football!
  14. Any pants stripe is better than plain any day in my book. There are way too many teams with plain pants these days.
  15. Me too. It was their best looking uniform since the Brian Sipe era. I love the orange pants on the road and brown jersey/orange pants at home....with the white facemask of course.