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  1. I like what you are trying to do here, but I feel like a black facemask would look better than blue. I'd leave the white jersey stripes how they currently are and I'd also remove the logo on the shoulder and replace with TV numbers I'd prefer Kelly Green, but more importantly, use gray and get ride of the black. I think the white stripes on the shoulders stands out like a sore thumb, especially if the pants have no white in them. Personally I loved when the 49ers had the red facemask, so I would bring it back. Add a blue facemask. Lose the current striping on the pants and go with a sword stripe instead. The pants are too plain and need stripes similar to the Brunnell era. I'd add a black alternate and change the facemask to red or black.
  2. I would add the blue pants to this set as they look great for away games.
  3. Cardinals - It is time to go retro back to the uniform before the latest set. Maybe add an alternate and for the love of all things, add a red facemask Rams - One of the worst redesigns in history. 1) Lack of uniformity in both the home and away jersey (the bone jersey has TV numbers and no gradient numbers, while the home jersey has no TV numbers and gradient on the numbers) 2) Lack of uniformity in all the pants (the bone pants have 1 yellow stripe, the yellow pants have a white and blue stripe, and the blue pants have a white to yellow gradient stripe) 3) The Los Angeles Rams nameplate on the bone jersey (which is white and stood out like a sore thumb), and finally the whole uniform looked like a patch job of multiple uniforms thrown together. Titans - This was another horrific redesign when they went to the current set in 2018. Why add a navy helmet that matches the team of the former city the Titans came from? Why the gray facemask? Why the awful stripes on the pants? Why the awful numbers? Jaguars - Oh boy, their last set was not bad from the neck down and all they really needed to go was make the helmet black. But instead, they changed the whole uniform to look like a junior high football team. Broncos - I do not hate their current look, I just like the Color Rush template more and wish they would use that template throughout the whole uniform.
  4. It's official, the Browns are wearing orange pants (YES! YES! YES!) vs the Chiefs:
  5. Give me the new green color with the old template and the green helmet and it is a winner.
  6. Their purple pants are in my top 5 in the league. They are absolutely beautiful.
  7. This game won't break the Top 3 since those games are easy to pick out: 1) Chiefs at Raiders 2) Packers at Colts 3) Eagles at Browns
  8. The gray facemask stands out like a sore thumbs. The facemask needs to be navy and it would amazing.
  9. In Madden 21, I use the current helmet and jersey, but the previous set pants and the uniform looks so much better. I even use the mustard pants on occasian as anything looks better than plain.
  10. That is the best Louisville have looked in years!
  11. I wish they had the same stripes on the pants as the helmet.