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  1. Remove the gray facemask Remove the collar on the white and orange jersey Change the numbers to white on the brown and orange jersey Add some striped socks
  2. Put the Flying Elvis logo on the uniform and you have a great looking set.
  3. One man's boring is another man's perfect.
  4. I so miss the shiny fabric on the pants...the material that Nike uses can destroy a uniform look instantly.
  5. Change the facemask to yellow and you have a winner.
  6. Looking at the face alone, they remind me of the cult masks from the 1987 movie Dragnet:
  7. You are on the right path. I'd makes these changes: Change the white stripe to silver to match the helmet Remove the logo on the arms and replace with TV numbers Add Silver pants with a red-navy-red stripe Change the number color to silver White Jersey stripes should be red-navy-red Add White Pants with red-navy-red striping or Change the helmet to white Remove the logo on the arms and replace with TV numbers Add Silver pants with a red-white-red stripe Add White pants with a red-navy-red stripe
  8. I concur, but without the gray facemask.
  9. I was really hoping NIKE could introduce some shine to the pewter pants....I find it hard to believe the technology is not around to bring the shine back instead of the horrid matte look.
  10. If they remove the classic stripes or use a gray facemask, it will bug to no end.
  11. You didn't say that in your first post.
  12. That is what the Buccaneers and Jaguars thought as well and both of their Nike updates turned out to be trash!