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  1. It's actually a fauxback as the correct helmet would have been white and didn't have a facemask. Therefore, I believe a white facemask would have looked better since they can't wear the white helmet until next year.
  2. Glad to see there are stripes on the pants! This is a nice looking uniform set now!
  3. I was always a fan of the white facemasks until they introduced the brown ones. I love the brown even more now. Look at this concept a man named George Ashburn created with brown facemasks on a white helmet. It looks great!
  4. I hate the gray facemask here just like I hate it for every team that uses it that doesn't have gray in their color scheme or anywhere else on the uniform.
  5. I am sick of the plain pants trend going on in football now. https://twitter.com/CoastalFootball/status/1415359089719365645?s=20
  6. I know that...I was being a little sarcastic in my response.
  7. Hopefully they remove the colorflush jersey and replace it with an orange jersey.
  8. If they are going to put pinstripes on the helmet and jersey, put them on the pants as well to make the uniform consistent.
  9. The EE is clearly used on the black shirt with yellow letters in this picture.
  10. The ECHL has a new team, the Iowa Heartlanders: The primary logo is of a white-tailed deer, poised for battle in expression, stance, and thorny detailing, to capture the essence of our strength, determination, and work ethic.The antlered crown, adorned in sunrise gold, shows that we are the mighty kings of the Heartland. Our state flower, the wild prairie rose, featuring heart-shaped, coral pink petals and shining sun, symbolizes the magnificent riches and traditions of our home, and the wild spirit of our fans.The flower blooms every June, perfectly timed with the Kelly Cup. The Heartland is our home, and we are its people. The name evokes what we are all about, redefining what it means to lead with heart in the rink and community.
  11. WOW! So Tebow has never said a negative thing about anyone; yet he is ridculed because of his beliefs? That is just wrong!
  12. I agree with those two and would add Florida State and Michigan. But I personally believe that all NFL teams should never have plain pants. By the way, I love that Jacksonville uniform!
  13. I loved the gold pants and would rather see them on the field instead of the white pants. Because we all know it is a matter of time for them to dump the burgondy socks and go with white socks which will look horrible.
  14. New uniforms for the Indiana State Sycamores: https://twitter.com/indstfb/status/1388191419144097794?s=21
  15. I was mainly referring the plain pants. I believe every NFL team needs stripes on the pants as they are not high school football teams.
  16. You are right and if you don't like it you should not post concepts as everyone will voice their thoughts.
  17. That is worse than what they have now. Way to plain.
  18. I would give this update a 8 out of 10. -1 for not TV numbers and -1 for the white pants not being consistent. If the white pants with orange stripes have black trim, then the white pants with black stripes needs to have orange trim.
  19. Old Dominion Monarchs are bringing back their original colors for a few games:
  20. When the uniform sucks like theirs, you never really stop talking about them. My junior high school football uniform was better than this bland set.
  21. The contrasting collars make both jerseys look better. I'd like to black collars on the white jersey as well.
  22. I like what you are trying to do here, but I feel like a black facemask would look better than blue. I'd leave the white jersey stripes how they currently are and I'd also remove the logo on the shoulder and replace with TV numbers I'd prefer Kelly Green, but more importantly, use gray and get ride of the black. I think the white stripes on the shoulders stands out like a sore thumb, especially if the pants have no white in them. Personally I loved when the 49ers had the red facemask, so I would bring it back. Add a blue facemask. Lose the current striping on the pants and go with a sword stripe instead. The pants are too plain and need stripes similar to the Brunnell era. I'd add a black alternate and change the facemask to red or black.
  23. I would add the blue pants to this set as they look great for away games.
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