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  1. The Argos wore their white uniforms for the first time this season and they're reminiscent of the NFL's color rush. This is head-to-toe white, including the socks, which were blue in previous year with the all-white look.
  2. Good question. They're currently scheduled to host the Super Bowl for the 2020 season, so I wonder if the NFL would delay a year just so they can work out any kinks with a practice-run year.
  3. It may have been hard to tell from that picture, but those are also white pants. It looks like they're going with white helmets and white pants for their primary home look: Another sorta-change is that the Alouettes are wearing red socks here. In 2016, they wore their red jerseys five times and wore silver helmets and pants three times with each of those times wearing blue socks. They wore white helmets and pants twice with the red jersey (both times against Ottawa), but wore red socks in the first meeting and blue in the second. It's weird that they would feature red socks again, but they also did that in last year's promos too. In conclusion, the Alouettes wear whatever they want and there's no brand consistency with them anymore. Boo.
  4. How in the world are people mentioning classic Eskimos, Stampeders, and Argos uniforms ahead of the front logo uniforms of 1995? Birmingham, Memphis, Toronto:
  5. I wish that the Calgary Stampeders get rid of their black helmets with their away uniforms and go back to using a predominantly red and white colour scheme. Above (2015) there is sufficient contrast and Calgary would sub their blacks helmets for their reds against teams that also wore black helmets. Below (2016) was last year's Grey Cup where a team called the Ottawa Redblacks was playing against a team that also wore a lot of red and black.
  6. Are NFL teams allowed to wear different decals on their helmets for home and away games? Or does it follow the same rule as the alternate uniforms? If they're able, I think it would be a good balance to wear the uniform on the right with white horns for home games and wear the uniforms on the left and in the middle for away games (yellow jerseys where the Rams are force to wear dark colours). That way, they please both fans of the blue and yellow and blue and white. The white jersey would have no yellow on it so it would go with both sets (similar to how SF has no gold on their jerseys).
  7. I was hoping that they would wear their throwbacks against Tampa Bay last year, but they instead wore their throwbacks for two home games. You know what else is funny about this reversion to white and blue? Their colour rush jersey is totally yellow. That could also help if they're scheduled against Dallas or Tennessee for a colour rush game.
  8. The Rams have the potential to wear their dark jerseys three times with away games against Dallas, Jacksonville, and Tennessee. I can't wait to see these catastrophes.
  9. Huh, I never saw this when it was posted. I found it by also trying to find the division logos, but also came up basically empty. The only thing I could find was the outline of the logo on the East division trophy (the French version). I also saw the tiniest version of the logo in the Montreal Alouettes' 2016 Media guide where the "Division Est" part was in blue and the writing was in white. Your logos are pretty good, but I would want to see more black/charcoal in them since that's more consistent with the league's branding.
  10. If the Atlanta Falcons progress through the playoffs, I hope they wear their blacks jerseys. If both Atlanta and Dallas win, Atlanta could wear them throughout the playoffs. I'm hoping for a Pittsburgh and Dallas matchup because it will look good and there is substantial Super Bowl history between the two. The worst possible, but would never happen, would be Seattle neon green uniforms vs Pittsburgh bumblebee uniforms. Hilarious to think that could exist!
  11. I'm not a fan of their mono-navy. It seems to be the look they were going for this season with all five games with the navy jerseys also having navy pants. The Browns wore 13 different uniform combinations this season. Is that some kind of record?
  12. That would be a shame if true. The franchise won all three of their championships in their current template. But you're right, a massive sale is a good indication of change.
  13. Calgary has now lost two Grey Cups wearing those awful black helmets (2012 and 2016). I really hope they ditch them now. The away uniform would look salvageable with the red helmet and white socks. It would also lend to a better-looking matchup, similar to what the teams wore in 2015.
  14. I hope Tennessee uses this uniform as their away look for all future games when they're forced to wear colour jerseys. They can wear the dark blue jerseys and white jerseys for home games.
  15. I think the Seahawks should dump the white jersey or relegate it to alternate status (since it has meaning after winning the Super Bowl with them). They should wear the grey jersey as their away (just like they do in baseball). If there's enough contrast, they could even wear the grey jersey against a team wearing a white jersey (although considering it's a very light grey, it would have to be significant contrast).